Saturday 15 September 2012

K-pop is Taking Over the Planet! Gangnam Style in the West and G-Dragon's New Song

It's official. K-pop is everywhere. The other day, I turned on an English music channel to come across Psy shuffling along to Gangnam Style in my living room!

And guess who turned up to the VMAs this year? 

And guess who taught Britney fricking Spears the infamous dance on the Ellen Show this week?!

He's everywhere and I love it!!! And doesn't Britney do a good job of the dance with that tight dress on? 

If you like Psy's crazy ass video then you might also like this bizarre James Bond themed promo from boyband Super Junior. The song is called Spy and it's taken from a re-release of their latest album Sexy, Free and Single.

I think they need more members!

Super Junior are great and all but they can't match BigBang for sheer catchiness and altogether brilliant songs. The leader of the group, G-Dragon, has recently released his second mini-album, titled One Of A Kind, which he co-wrote and produced every track on. The lead single, That XX, is a guitar based mid-tempo song with a bit of rap thrown in and it's already topped all the major charts in Korea. Here it is:

That didn't seem too crazy now did it? But if you're looking for some K-pop madness then I suggest you watch the next video for One Of A Kind, which was released first as a promo single for the album. It's just mental. There's a bear and a baby tiger and he gets slapped by a doll and there's gangsta style rapping and its AMAZING! Check it out.

The hype for the album is huge and already, G-Dragon has released a preview of the next single, Missing You. The song features the vocals of Kim Yuna, who is a member of popular Korean rock band Juarim. This one is probably my favourite of the three he has released so far but alas, no official video has been released for it yet at this time of writing. Hear it below.

So there you have it. K-Pop is officially taking over the world and I couldn't be happier. If a new song or video comes out that you'd like me to share on Be Careful! Your Hand! then please comment below and don't forget to follow, plus, share and all that jazz. Spread the K-Pop craziness!!! And here's my previous K-Pop posts if you're interested. Click here for some more Gangnam style and here for a bit of BigBang and Boa.

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