Sunday 16 September 2012

Who Should Be in The Avengers 2 and Who Should Play Each Part? Lesser-Known Characters Assemble!

Joss Whedon has recently signed onto directing The Avengers 2 and the internet is rife with speculation as to who will join the cast in the highly anticipated sequel. With that and the new release of Avengers Assemble on DVD and Blu-Ray, I figured now would be a good time to throw my two cents in! Here are the characters from the Avengers comics that I think are the most likely to make an appearance in the upcoming sequel, currently slated for a 2015 release.
Look how many there are to choose from!

1) Ant-Man 
This may seem like a weird choice but I genuinely think Ant-Man has the most chance of featuring in The Avengers 2 out of all the other characters. Now I now that the idea of a man who can shrink and ride flying ants seems like a slightly odd addition to the group but hear me out: First, he's already going to star in his own film that is currently being released in the same year as The Avengers 2 and will be directed by Edgar Wright, a hugely popular director. Secondly, the original Hank Pym character is also the only founding member of The Avengers that is not already included in the cast, aside from his wife, The Wasp, who could very likely appear alongside him. And finally, if done right, the idea of a shrinking man has huge potential cinematically and if that doesn't work out, then they could always make him Giant Man instead, another persona that Hank Pym adopted throughout the comics when not dressed as Ant-Man.
Odds of appearing in The Avengers 2: 2/1
Who should play him?: Nathan Fillion is a huge fan favourite and is already affiliated with Joss Whedon so he would just be perfect but it all depends of course on who is cast as Ant-Man in his solo venture first.
Failing that, Patrick Wilson of Watchmen fame would be another awesome choice, easily capable of playing the troubled scientist.
2) The Vision
If Ant-Man doesn't make it onto the cast then I'm certain that The Vision could definitely make an appearance. Rumours are going round that Agent Coulson might play him, as in the comics, the android character has previously been endowed with the brain-wave patterns of fallen heroes who have died. This seems a logical way to keep Agent Coulson in the film continuity as he is such a popular part of the cinematic Marvel universe although perhaps it is almost a little too obvious. The great thing about The Vision though is that he could very easily fit into that world, perhaps starting off as a basic robot created by Tony Stark in the lab. His powers are also impressive, including the ability to alter his density at will so that he can either become incredibly heavy and strong or intangible to the point where he can actually move through walls. The idea of seeing The Vision phase his hand through an enemies chest to render them unconscious is very tantalising and his logical detached personality would add a new dimension to the dynamic of the team.  
Odds of appearing in The Avengers 2: 5/1

Who should play him?: Clark Gregg (or Agent Phil Coulson) is the obvious choice for many, to the point where one fan actually made a model of what he would look like as The Vision. Clearly had a lot of time on his hands. 
However, I would quite like to see someone else take the part like Guy Pearce, who I think could definitely pull off the intense logical coldness that the character requires.
If only Michael Fassbender hadn't already played an android brilliantly in Prometheus - he'd be perfect!
3) Ms Marvel
Black Widow is fantastic in the first film but for the follow-up, I think the Avengers could do with some extra girl power on the team. Ms Marvel seems a logical choice, with powers of strength and flight that mean she could cope in the big leagues with the other heavy hitters. Her military background makes me wonder whether she would be too similar to the Black Widow but if she was introduced in some way through SHIELD, then at least Ms Marvel would be a realistic addition to the group. I do think there are more exciting characters on this list but she does seem a likely choice.
Odds of appearing in The Avengers 2: 10/1

Who should play her?: The character of Carol Danvers needs to be played by someone who has a strength about her, in terms of both personality and looks. While she may not be a huge name in cinema, my choice would be Ali Larter from the TV show Heroes and the Final Destination series. She has been underrated for years and its about time she broke through to the silver screen in a big way.
4) Scarlet Witch
The Scarlet Witch is outright one of my favourite characters in comics. Her ability to manipulate probability is a fascinating power that different writers have handled with varying degrees of success. On screen, I imagine that Joss Whedon could think of lots of inventive ways to depict her abilities but I imagine she might not get chosen just because its a difficult power to explain when compared to abilities like super strength and flight. There's also a few character traits that would probably have to be ignored in her translation to film, including some familiarity with magic and her father being Magneto of X-Men fame. What would be great though is if we could see a relationship develop between her and The Vision if he also makes it onto the roster.
Odds of appearing in The Avengers 2: 25/1

Who should play her?: For the role of Wanda Maximoff, there are so many beautiful actresses who could do the role justice. To start with, Eliza Dushku from Buffy and Dollhouse would be great as she has a determination and allure about her. It's about time that she had a hit on the big screen. Eliza's also know to Joss Whedon already so this choice has potential.
If that didn't happen though, either Eva Green or Marion Cotillard would be incredible, evoking that unique exotic vibe that the character requires. Svarlet Witch is also of European descent so either choice just slots in perfectly, but between the two, my choice would have to be Cotillard (she's the one on the left).     
5) Spider-Man
Now I know what you're thinking but Spider-Man has been a member of the Avengers in Marvel continuity for years now, on and off, and his popularity would make The Avengers 2 perhaps more successful than the first film, if that's even possible. Of course, it could get confusing for the more casual cinema-goer and Spiderman is a huge franchise in its own right but I would love to see how the character's humour and laid back attitude would play out in scenes with the stoicism of Captain America or the arrogance of Iron Man. It's extremely unlikely but his addition to the team could actually make an already incredible franchise even stronger. Even just a cameo Joss, go on, do it!
Odds of appearing in The Avengers 2: 250/1

Who should play him?: There's only one person who could ever play Spider-Man and it sure as hell isn't Toby Maguire.
Andrew Garfield was born to play Spider-Man, what else can I say?
6) Doctor Druid
What do you mean you don't know who Doctor Druid is? Now as much as I love Marvel comics, there have been more than a few mistakes over the years and Doctor Druid is certainly one of them. What's interesting about his character though is that Stan Lee actually created him before Spider-Man, back in the early 1960s, although he soon faded into obscurity for a couple of decades. In the 1980s, he briefly became a member of the Avengers but was not exactly the most popular character in the team's history. With a variety of psionic abilities including telepathy and hypnosis, Doctor Druid would certainly make an interesting addition to the group but if pigs flew and he actually made it into the film, then I'm hoping that his image would get a radical makeover. The mad scientist look will only get you so far before you get mistaken as a super-villain! The only way that I could see this actually happening was if Joss Whedon decided to throw a curve ball to suprise people and he somehow actually got it pass the studio. You never know. The ending of Cabin In The Woods was pretty damn weird, that's for sure.

Odds of appearing in The Avengers 2: 10000/1

Who should play him?: If the unthinkable happened and a character like Doctor Druid actually made it into the film, then I think Michael Shannon would be a really interesting choice. As seen in films such as Revolutionary Road and Take Shelter, Shannon plays crazy extremely well and some insanity could bring the character of Doctor Druid to life.

So there are my choices for the next film in the Avengers franchise. If you like my picks or think that I missed out some characters, such as the Wasp or Black Panther, don't forget to comment below. Like, plus, share, follow etc please. It only takes a second and it's really appreciated! And don't forget to buy Avengers Assemble on DVD or Blu-Ray. Excelsior!

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