Thursday, 6 February 2014

Oscars 2014: Winner Predictions Part One.

Since the Oscar nominations were announced last week, people have been speculating and predicting whose names will be read out on the evening of March 2nd at the Kodak Theatre. While some categories seem obvious to call, others have people baffled, like Best Picture. Thanks to the tie at the PGA between Gravity and 12 Years, as well as American Hustles SAG win, this years Oscars is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in years. Who should win? Who should have been nominated? And  who the bloody hell will win? I don't know, but like everyone else, I'm going to have a guess anyway. Here are my Oscar 2014 predictions... 
Best Picture: 
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • American Hustle
  • Captain Phillips
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Gravity
  • Her
  • Nebraska
  • Philomena
  • The Wolf of Wall Street

Who will win: "12 Years a Slave"

For me, this one seems all too clear. The Academy members always go for the dramatic period drama over the technical box office smash e.g. The Kings Speech over The Social Network. I think the same will happen this year for the incredible 12 Years A Slave.

Who should win: "Gravity"

Gravity is a breath taking visual masterpiece that audiences loved. Isn't it time a sci-fi won Best Picture? Gravity will be rewarded, just not in this category.

Who should have been nominated: "Inside Llewyn Davis"

While the brilliant Inside Llewyn Davis doesn't deserve to win, it still should have at least been nominated. The fact that only nine films out of a possible ten were this year seems a little unfair.

Best Director:
  • Steve McQueen -- "12 Years a Slave"
  • David O. Russell -- "American Hustle"
  • Alfonso Cuaron -- "Gravity"
  • Alexander Payne -- "Nebraska"
  • Martin Scorsese -- "The Wolf of Wall Street"
Who will win: Alfonso Cuaron -- "Gravity"

Alfonso Cuaron has been the front runner for this award since the Golden Globes, picking up nearly every directing award going along the way. This is the category where the Academy members will show their love for Gravity and rightly so.
Who should win: Alfonso Cuaron -- "Gravity"

See above.
Who should have been nominated: Paul Greengrass -- "Captain Phillips"
Paul Greengrass's exclusion from Best Director race didn't surprise me. After all, the Academy do love Alexander Payne, but after picking up a Golden Globe, Bafta and DGA nomination for Captain Philips, it seem the Oscar nom was next on Greengrass's list. It should have been.  

Best Original Screenplay: 
  • "American Hustle" -- David O. Russell and Eric Warren Singer
  • "Blue Jasmine" -- Woody Allen
  • "Her" -- Spike Jonze
  • "Nebraska" -- Bob Nelson
  • "Dallas Buyers Club" -- Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack 

Who will win: "American Hustle"

As the three horse race draws to a close, it looks clear that 12 Years and Gravity will take the top honors. Academy members may feel the need to reward American Hustle somewhere and this seems like the most likely place.

Who should win: "Her"

Should Hustle's name not be called, it will be because Her has won, and rightly so. After picking up the Golden Globe and WGA awards, the chances of picking up the Oscar are increasing by the day.

Who should have been nominated: "Inside Llewyn Davis"

Inside Llewyn Davis, again? Yes. Joel and Ethan Coan are two of the best screen writers ever, and the script for Inside Llewyn Davis is some of their best work in years.

Best Adapted Screenplay: 
  • "12 Years a Slave" -- John Ridley
  • "Before Midnight" -- Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater
  • "The Wolf of Wall Street" -- Terence Winter
  • "Captain Phillips" -- Billy Ray
  • "Philomena" -- Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope 

Who will win: "12 Years a Slave"

12 Years A Slave looks set to have a good night come March 2nd, and Best Adapted Screenplay seems on lock, but after Captain Phillips won the WGA award this week, it could have some competition on its hands.

Who should win: "The Wolf of Wall Street"

The Wolf of Wall Street was my favourite film this year and while I don't see it winning any of the big awards on the night, I feel this impressive adaption should be rewarded.

Who should have been nominated: "August: Osage County"

A Pulitzer prize winning play that was adapted by the original writer,  Tracy Letts and pushed by Harvey Weinstein? Seems like Oscar gold, but not this year. That's not to say it shouldn't belong on the list.

Best Animated Feature: 
  • "The Wind Rises"
  • "Frozen"
  • "Despicable Me 2"
  • "Ernest & Celestine"
  • "The Croods"
Who will win: "Frozen"

Disney's return to form or the Miyazaki swansong? That seems to be the big question the Academy voters will have to answer in the Best Animation category this year. Both are wonderful films, but which will win? I believe the members will go with Disney this time.

Who should win: "The Wind Rises"

Miyazaki is one of the greatest, if not the greatest animation film makers of all time. I think he deserves it more.

Who should have been nominated: "Monsters University"

Was The Croods really better then Monsters University? No, it wasn't. So what's going on? Maybe the Oscar/Pixar love affair has come to an end. 
What do you think? Am I right or am I so very wrong? Feel free to let me know. Tomorrow I will cover the Acting categories to see who will win, who should win and who should have been nominated. Join me, wont you.

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