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Where Are They Now? The Girls of Drop Dead Gorgeous.


The other day I was looking through my DVD collection when I came across Drop Dead Gorgeous. The late 90's black comedy may have received mixed reviews at the time but over the years, Drop Dead Gorgeous has developed somewhat of a cult following, and it's easy to see why. This underrated mockumentary boast an amazing cast of talented women who have gone on to do some great and some not so great work. So let's take a look at the girls of Drop Dead Gorgeous and see where they are now but before we do, let's take a walk down memory lane and have a gander at the trailer.

Kirsten Dunst - Amber Atkins.
After a string of successful films as a child actress, Kirsten Dunst become the queen of teen comedy in the early 2000s, with box office hit after box office hit like Bring it On and Get Over It, as well as the hugely successful Spider Man film series. She made the difficult transition from child star to movie star look easy but most recently, Dunst has taken a step back from more commercial films and is becoming known for her work in indie fare, working with the likes of Lars Von Trier in Melancholia, for which she received her most critical acclaim to date. Her next film is Upside Down, a romantic science fiction film.

Denise Richards - Rebecca Ann Leeman.

Denise Richards career showed early promise in the late 90s, after picking up roles in some blockbusters including Starship Troopers and The World Is Not Enough. With her best performance in Drop Dead Gorgeous, it seemed that her star was set to rise, but it didn't and after her marriage and divorce from Charlie Sheen, Richards became more famous for being Denise Richards than an actress. Most recently, she's had her own reality show, been seen on dancing with the stars and guest starred as herself in 30 Rock. She continues to act in film and TV, apparently.

Brittany Murphy - Lisa Swenson.

Brittany Murphy's post Drop Dead Gorgeous career was going from strength to strength, with starring roles in a string of box office hits, including romantic comedies like Just Married as well as critically acclaimed hits like Sin City. Murphy's role in Happy Feet showed off her brilliant singing ability and she even went on to release a smash hit single with Paul Oakenfold, which went to number 1 on the Billboard dance chart. Sadly, Brittany passed away at the age of 32 in 2009, a tragic loss of a gifted young actress.

Amy Adams - Leslie Miller.

After making her feature film debut in this very film, Amy Adams seemed to disappear afterwards into small bit parts in films no one saw. Adam's career seemed to be almost over when she landed the role of Ashley Johnsten in Junebug and with it came the first of four Oscar nominations and a successful career as one of the most critically and commercially popular actresses of our time. After box office hits like Enchanted and The Muppet's, as well as critical darlings The Fighter and Doubt, Adams plans to add a blockbuster to her resume with the release of Superman movie Man of Steel.

 Ellen Barkin - Annette Atkins.

Ellen Barkin has worked consistently since Drop Dead Gorgeous, mostly in the genre of comedy with films such as Palindromes and Oceans Thirteen, a genre which she excels in. In 2011, Barkin won a Tony Award for playing the role of Dr Brooker in The Normal Heart and she has most recently been seen as a series regular on the small screen in The New Normal, a role which has been winning her more praise from the critics.

Allison Janney - Loretta.
1999 was really Allison Janney's year. Not only did she star in Drop Dead Gorgeous but Janney also landed roles in teen hit 10 Things I Hate About You and critical smash American Beauty, which saw her pick up her first of several SAG awards. Janney also starred in a new series called The West Wing that saw her pick up multiple awards and nominations in the same year. After the show finished in 2006, Janney starred in a variety of film roles, from Hairspray to The Help and she even starred in the Broadway hit 9 to 5.

Kirstie Alley - Gladys Leeman.

Kirstie Alleys post Drop Dead Gorgeous career seemed to go the same way as her on screen daughters, stepping away from films into the land of TV where her career started and peaked. Alley  endured a long line of TV quest appearances and miniseries before the tabloids fascination with her weight took centre stage and her acting took a back seat. This year could see Alley make a comeback with a new show on the way but can she make a triumphant return to prime time? Only time will tell.

Haven't they done well? Ok, well some of them have. Could you have predicted Amy Adams success? or Kirstie Alleys career demise? Let me know what you think; feel free to comment, like, share and follow.

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