Friday, 9 August 2013

10 Forgotten Pop Tracks That Should Have Been Singles

Have you ever listened to an album by one of your favourite artists and thought, "Why hasn't that song been released as a single?" Music labels get it wrong all the time so today, I wanted to share ten forgotten pop tracks that should have been huge chart hits.

Britney Spears - Big Fat Bass ft Will.I.Am

Femme Fatale had some great dance tracks but this Will.I.Am collaboration was a missed opportunity. I can see it now - Britney singing "I can be the treble baby" while everyone in the club shouts back, "You can be the bass!" 

Rihanna - Drunk On Love

As a huge fan of the Xx, I loved the genius sample of the bands song Intro on this track, which perfectly complimented Rihanna's anguished vocals. Drunk On Love was the ballad that the Talk That Talk album sorely needed.

Beyonce - Hip-Hop Star ft Big Boi and Sleepy Brown

Dangerously In Love cemented Beyonce's position as one of pops leading ladies but I've always loved her most as a hip-hop star... you can see where I'm going with this but Beyonce has never sounded sexier.

Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday

After a controversial Catholic themed performance at the Grammys, Roman Holiday seemed an obvious choice for an official single release but instead, Minaj seemingly released every other song on the albumStarships is great but Roman Holiday is hip hops answer to Bohemian Rhapsody... and yes that's as bonkers as it sounds.

Mariah Carey - Migrate ft T-Pain

After the success of Touch My Body, Mariah was set to have a huge smash with E=MC2, but the momentum fizzled out after the calamity that was Bye Bye, the soppiest ballad the star has released to date. It's a bloody shame because Migrate was the club banger that Mariah needed to remind people that she's still relevant. Unfortunately, a single release never happened.

Lady Gaga - Monster

I always thought it strange that Gaga chose not to release Monster as it contains everything that makes the star so unique; a catchy sing along chorus combined with bizarrely dark lyrical content. He ate my heart indeed... 

Ciara - Turn It Up ft Usher 

Ciara's career has been on the decline for a while now which is a shame, because she can still pull out a banging club tune. With the addition of RnB superstar Usher, Turn It Up could have been the singers biggest hit in years. 

Christina Aguilera - Bionic 

The album Bionic was a mess in terms of promotion, but the more experimental tracks heralded a bold new direction for Aguilera, which should have taken her career to the next level. Title track Bionic was the perfect example of Aguilera's new found love of electro-pop production combined with her signature powerhouse choruses.

Lana Del Rey - Off To The Races

Lana Del Rey hit the music scene in a big way with debut single Video Games and while I can't fault the other singles released off the Born To Die album, it's a shame that Off To The Races never received the official video treatment as it's her most exciting and uptempo song that she's recorded to date.

Marina & The Diamonds - Bubblegum Bitch

Primadonna was a fantastic single choice from the Electra Heart album but for her follow up, Marina released the decidedly average Power & Control, which failed to make an impact on the charts. Had it had been up to me, I would have chosen Bubblegum Bitch to be the second single, due to its awesome swagger and insanely catchy chorus.

So what do you think of these 10 forgotten pop tracks that should have been singles? Do you agree with my choices or were there better songs that could have been released off these albums? And can you think of any personal favourites that I could add to this list? Let me now by commenting, liking and sharing below.


  1. i have to disagree with the majority of this list i think drunk on love should have been released as a single though

    1. That's fair enough, what would you pick instead?