Saturday, 24 August 2013

Youtube Faceoff - Katy Perry's Roar

Live Lounge is great and all but what I love most is searching through Youtube to find the best cover versions of my favourite songs by unsigned or small-time artists. If you put the time in, you'll find so many different and innovative interpretations of the biggest hits right now... but who has the time for that I hear you say? Have no fear for that's what our Youtube Faceoff is all about. Previous posts have looked at artists as diverse as BastillePsy and Miguel. Today it's Katy Perry's' turn!

Katy Perry is back with her brand new single called Roar, an empowering pop track that was co-written by regular collaborators Dr Luke and Max Martin. The song has received positive reviews so far and its success bodes well for the release of Perry's third studio album Prism, which is out later this year. The song has drawn comparisons with both previous single Firework and Sara Bareilles latest hit Brave. Similarities with the latter have drawn controversy but judge for yourselves what you think by watching the official lyric video below.

As Perry's voice is so distinctive, it can be difficult to cover one of her songs without sounding like you're just trying to be her but after scouring Youtube, I've found some great versions of Roar which you need to check out.

First up is Alena Irene, who shows off a really interesting tone in her interpretation of the track. I also love her guitar playing which makes the song more uniquely hers.

Next up is a ukulele cover of Roar by fourteen year old Laica Salas. While she's still quite young, her voice has a lot of raw potential and I was really impressed by the changes she made to the song. Just make sure you skip the talky bit at the beginning. 

I always like to hear male voices take on a female pop song and the Jrod twins sound fantastic together on a mash-up of Roar and Sara Bareilles song Brave. The two songs make a natural fit for one another and I really like how the two choruses were combined here. Also, the made up title Bravoary is just genius.

Finally, for a very different cover, I suggest you listen to a new user called SEE, whose mash-up of Roar and Brave is the first video she's posted on Youtube. Her voice starts off quiet but builds in strength and it's just a really lovely version which I would recommend.

If I had to pick a favourite, mine today would have to be the ukulele cover by Laica Salas for its sheer originality, but which one would you choose? Which cover of Roar impressed you the most? And do you know any other versions that deserve a mention here? Let me know by commenting, liking and sharing below.

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