Wednesday 29 August 2012

Top 10 Nicki Minaj Guest Raps...Seriously, She's Done Hundreds! Numbers 10-6

Before the multi-platinum selling albums, before the sell-out tours, before the Justin Bieber duet (???), Nicki Minaj made a name for herself with crazy guest raps on other people's songs.
Her unique blend of British accents, girly voices and super fast rapping was earning Minaj up to 50k a verse, according to her show-stopping rap on Kanye West's Monster.

Recently seeing her live (on TV - sad face), Minaj upped this claim to 100k and it's easy to see why. Often, I would youtube a number of videos by people I don't normally care about just to hear and see Nicki Minaj steal the show in sometimes less than 30 seconds.

Even now, with two albums out, I still maintain that some of Minajs' best raps are actually on other peoples songs so with this in mind, I decided to count down her ten best guest raps for those who may have only heard her solo stuff. Today, we'll look at numbers 10 - 6 but once again, I advise you that many of these videos use explicit language and so should only be clicked on if you are of an appropriate age.

Number 10:
We have one of Nicki's earliest appearances in a music video with BedRock, as part of the rap collective Young Money. Her rap is relatively short, but already, her kooky Barbie persona is setting her apart from the rest of the crowd.

Number 9:
In 9th place is Nicki's duet with the SNL comedy group Lonely Island. The Creep also features the film director John Waters in the video and Minaj performing one of her funniest raps to date. 'Get  your knees flexing and your arms T-Rexing!'
Number 8:
In at 8 is another early Nicki Minaj duet, this time with Usher on the track Lil Freak. This guest rap shows off Nicki's more menacing side and her flow goes perfectly with the beat. 'Everybody loves Raymond!'

Number 7:
Onto guest rap number 7 now with Christina Aguilera's song Woohoo. Unlike most of my other choices, this song was an album track and unless you're a hardcore Christina Aguilera or Nicki Minaj fan, then this one might have passed you by but I love it. Quite risque though and definitely not one for the PG crowd.

Number 6:
Last one for today and at number 6 is the song Turn Me On, from David Guetta's latest album Nothing But The Beat. This is one of two appearances Nicki makes on the album and features her mostly singing to a dance beat while being chased by freaky robot/mannequin people. My only criticism is that I wish her rap was longer on this track but who cares when the song is this good!

So that's numbers 10-6 done of the best Nicki Minaj Guest Raps. Click here for the rest of the countdown and let me know what you think of my choices so far or just give Nicki Minaj some love on the site. Don't forget to +1 us or subscribe if you're enjoying the posts so far!


  1. Woo hoo is my absolute favorite on the list. Both nicki and christina killed it.

  2. Would have loved to see them perform it live together! And can you imagine how good the video would have been!