Sunday, 26 August 2012

Top 5 Stan Lee Cameos

Stan Lee, the undisputed god of comics and creator of such famous heroes as Spiderman, the X-Men and the Avengers, has recently spoken up about the Marvel films that disappointed him in recent years, such as Daredevil and the Hulk. Fair play to him I say. After all, they are his creations. Read more about this here:

As I'm sure you know, Stan Lee is also something of a Hollywood film star, appearing in pretty much every single Marvel film that has been adapted to screen in recent years. With the upcoming release of Avengers Assemble on DVD and the recent success of The Amazing Spiderman, I thought it would be cool to look at the top 5 Stan Lee cameos of all time.

At number 5, we have Stan Lee as an old trucker in Thor, trying to pull his mystical hammer out of the ground.

Next up at 4 is his appearance in the first Fantastic Four film as Willy Lumpkin, the team's postman. And yes, it's as odd as it sounds.

In position number 3 is Stan Lee's brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand, as a man watering his garden. Versatile isn't he? Trust me, it's better than it sounds.

Nearing the end now. At number 2, is another brief appearance towards the end of Avengers Assemble, which Stan credits as being the reason behind the success of the film! See the link above for more on that.

We made it! Yay us! The number 1 Stan Lee cameo does not appear in one of the best Marvel films but I absolutely loved this scene so much..almost as much as Andrew Garfield! Yep, you guessed it. Number 1 is the action-packed fight scene in The Amazing Spiderman, which Stan Lee becomes a part of without even realising (sorry about the quality of clip, best I could find!).

For all of Stan Lee's Marvel film cameos, check out this awesome video on Youtube below. Don't forget to put your comments below. Nuff said.

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