Thursday, 28 March 2013

What Would Happen If Ryan Murphy's Shows All Crossed Over?

Love him or hate him, Ryan Murphy has created some of the most exciting and innovative American TV of the last ten years. 'Nip/Tuck', 'Glee', 'American Horror Story', 'The New Normal'... At first glance, these shows all appear to be completely different from one another and while they do each have their own distinctive style, all of Ryan Murphy's shows share a desire to push the boundaries of what is seen as normal or acceptable. The similarities don't stop there though. Ryan Murphy even employs many of the same actors such as Nene Leakes and Sarah Paulson to appear on his shows for different roles.
  Now just imagine it. Instead of casting these series regulars in different parts, what would happen if Ryan Murphy crossed his shows over so that these beloved characters pop up in each others storylines? What if the kids from Glee sang on Nip/Tuck and the cast of The New Normal met the residents of Briarcliff Mental Institute? Here are some of my ideas for what could happen if Ryan Murphy's hit shows all took place in the same universe. Sure most of them are ridiculous but that's the whole point!

So who would be a great guest star for 'Glee' from the world of Ryan Murphy? We already know that Sister Jude from 'AHS: The Asylum' can pull a catchy little ditty out of the bag when she wants to, although I find that 'The Name Game' is best performed under the influence of factory strength narcotics. (And for more random musical TV moments, click here).  

If groovy mental patients aren't your thing, then imagine little Shania from 'The New Normal' joining the New Directions for a cute song about equality and such like. Sure she's not high school age yet but the girl's already proved that she's wise beyond her years with this rendition of Cher's 'Half Breed' performed in the shows first season.

But what would happen if the cast of Glee crossed over to Ryan Murphy's other shows? I can't be the only one who dreams of a duet between blandy old Marley Rose and AHS's Bloody Face, can I? Too far? Ok. Well instead, imagine how frightening it would be if Bloody Face teamed up with The Carver from the third series of Nip/Tuck. That messed up serial killer is seriously scary and would have fitted in well with the dark perverse tone of AHS.

While watching 'The New Normal' the other day, I realised that Ellen Barkin's character is surprisingly similar to Jessica Lange's Sister Jude. Both characters share the same righteous venom and even look alike! The two of them would be perfect playing sisters and sure its stretching believability but imagine if Nana turned up at Briarcliff as Jude's long lost twin? TV gold!
I also wouldn't have been surprised to see 'Glee's' Brittany during the alien abduction scenes but that's a whole other story. Strangely enough, I could imagine Brittany's character on any of the Ryan Murphy shows, slotting in quite nicely with the quirky feel of 'The New Normal' or the oddball nature of 'Nip/Tuck'. Who else could cross over to the glamorously twisted world of plastic surgery? Sue Sylvester would be a natural as she already seems to spend all her time destroying the self-esteem of various characters at McKinley High.

Seriously, how has she not been fired yet? Speaking of 'Glee', I also loved a duet that Quinn and Rachel performed a little while back that would make a great theme tune for 'Nip/Tuck', in an ironic sort of way of course.

But what about characters from 'The New Normal'? David could guest star on 'Nip/Tuck' as a fellow doctor or Bryan could even appear searching for botox advice from Sean and Christian. Working in the world of TV must have some sort of impact on your body image and I could definitely see Bryan getting a little tuck later in life, even just to look good in videos like this.

Amazing! I'm absolutely obsessed with 'The New Normal' and the main draw for me has to be the madcap characters who are all just so loveable in a crazy unrealistic sort of way. I could definitely see Rachel or Kurt from 'Glee' popping in for a guest spot on break from New York. Or what about a Halloween episode where Sister Mary Eunice arrives, offering to replace Goldy as the pairs surrogate mother? Now that would be messed up!

I love all of Ryan Murphy's shows, even 'The Glee Project', but I haven't yet seen 'Popular', his first big show, so apologies for anyone who was expecting to read about that here. What do you think of my crossover ideas? Would any of them actually work, even in a random dream sequence? And can you think of any characters who could successfully make a huge impact in one of the other shows? Let me know what you think by commenting, liking and sharing below.

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