Tuesday 19 March 2013

Bastille's Pompeii - Youtube Faceoff

Live Lounge is great and all but what I love most is trawling through Youtube to find the best cover versions of my favourite songs by unsigned or small-time artists. If you put the time in, you'll find so many different and innovative interpretations of the biggest hits right now... but who has the time for that I hear you say? Have no fear for that's what our Youtube Faceoff is all about. Previous posts have looked at artists as diverse as Britney SpearsAdeleKesha and One Direction. Today it's Bastille's turn!

With bands like Bloc Party and Maximo Park losing popularity in recent years, its about time that indie fans had a new act to get excited about. Bastille have been bubbling under for quite a few months now but with the release of 'Pompeii', the band have delivered an anthem that's put them high on the charts and on every radio station. I loved previous singles 'Overjoyed' and 'Flaws' but 'Pompeii' is the breakout hit that's really won the mainstream over. Check out the official video now before Bastille become the biggest thing in music this year. Trust me, you won't be able to escape them

The chorus of 'Pompeii' has an upbeat energy behind it yet the lyrics are almost mournful in their melancholic tone. This contrast makes it an interesting song to cover and as is always the case, many aspiring artists have tried to put their own stamp on the track.

First up is a cover by Orla Gartland, who slows the track down into an acoustic folk ballad. Gartland's voice has a unique tone that heightens the emotional intensity of the lyrics but watch out; she does pull some weird faces. 

Next up is a group called LCF who perform a piano based version of 'Pompeii'. The male and female vocals blend beautifully on the track and are complimented by the stripped down instrumentation. 

The next cover I wanted to share is by another female singer playing acoustic guitar but the style of this performance is very different to the first version I shared. Mia Callens has a youthful energy to her voice and so holds more pop appeal than Ortland's cover. Both are great in different ways though and it's hard to choose a favourite between the two. Click here for Callen's version.

'Pompeii' was originally sung by a male lead so it seemed fitting to finish todays Youtube Faceoff with a male version of the track. Cody Qualley is one of those Youtube singers who performs every aspect of the track, layering the backing vocals, acoustic guitar playing and hand claps with his own lead vocal to create an impressive cover that stands apart from many of the other more simple arrangements. Not all of my Youtube links are working for some reason so click here for Cody Qualley's version.

What do you think of todays Youtube Faceoff? My favourite version of 'Pompeii' has to be Cody Qualley's multi-faceted rendition, as I love the tone of his voice but who would you pick and why? Let me know by commenting, liking and sharing below. And remember to come back soon for another Youtube Faceoff!

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