Monday, 3 September 2012

Top 10 Songs Written or Produced by Max Martin: Numbers 5-1

And we're back to celebrate more Max Martin! If you haven't already, check out the countdown from 10-6 here, which includes some of the best pop songs of the past 15 years. We're not finished yet though, as we have some more classics to look at that were written or produced by the superstar hitmaker.  

Number 5:

To kick off the second half of the countdown,  we have a massive smash from Britney Spears that cemented her as a superstar back in 2000. I remember hunting for it every day on music channels before sky + came into existence because it was such a big deal. 'Oops' was also one of the biggest hits that Max Martin has ever worked on and it even includes a random talky bit about some Titanic nonsense that became a signature of Martin's songs, even on more recent songs such as Taylor Swifts latest. 'I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end...'

Number 4:

I first heard this song in Japan on the radio and I didn't know who the hell was singing it at the time but I loved it. As soon as I came back to the UK, I realised that Katy Perry was everywhere with the infectious hook of 'I Kissed A Girl' and her career since has benefited immensely from the input of Max Martin, who has writing credits on almost every single she has released since.

Number 3:

Its been pretty difficult to decide these last few songs as Max Martin has been involved in the careers of so many iconic artists but here we are at number 3, with the biggest song released yet by reality TVs most successful pop star, Kelly Clarkson. Since You've Been Gone was the lead single from her sophomore album and was a departure in style for both Clarkson and Martin, who had been out of the mainstream for a few years after the popularity of teen pop had died down. The new pop-rock style that this song heralded became the signature sound for both Clarkson and Martin, proving to be incredibly successful for them both.

Number 2:

I Want It That Way was one of the biggest pop songs ever released by a boyband and became a signature song for the Backstreet Boys back in 1999. It must have also made a lot of money for Max Martin, who was the lead writer and producer of the track. This song could easily be a contender for best song ever released by a boyband and if you haven't heard it before, then click play below and see why.


Number 1:

Here it is. The best song ever written or produced by Max Martin and personally, my favourite pop song of all time. Was there ever any doubt that 'Baby One More Time' would not be number 1??? Britney Spears permanently altered the landscape of the pop scene with her debut single, reaching number one in every country it was released in. Words cannot express how influential this track was and how popular THAT schoolgirl outfit was. I literally cannot remember an artist having that much of an impact with just one song in my lifetime. You all know it so well but you might not have heard it in a little while so here it is again. Hit Me Baby One More Time. It's an actual modern classic. Enjoy.  

After the success of Taylor Swift's latest hit, I imagine Max Martin's next big song will be Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body', which premieres soon. I can't wait! Visit us again for more on that upon its release.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 songs written or produced by Max Martin but its a free world so if you have strong feelings either for or against my choices, then let me know. It's always great to hear that you're either amazingly insighful or just an idiot. Either way works for me so get commenting and liking and all that other fancy social networking stuff!


  1. Ok. I'll admit, I love all of these songs.

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  3. Excellent list. I didn't know that P!nk and Katy Perry were ever involved with Max Martin in any way. You learn something new everyday.

  4. Thanks, what's your favourite song on the list?