Sunday, 2 September 2012

Glee - Songs That Blaine and Sue Should Sing and Songs They Should Never Have Sung

On September 13th, the fourth series of Glee will premiere, continuing to focus on the New Directions while also following the lives of some of the graduates, now based in New York.
Whether this new format will work or not is yet to be determined but in the build up to the season premiere, I wanted to take a look at the characters shown in each of the promo posters as part of the countdown. Even fans of the show must admit that Glee can often be hit and miss with the songs they choose to sing so I wanted to discuss the songs that I think would be perfect for each character to perform next season and which songs they should never have sung in past episodes. Let's take a look at the first poster then.

Sue Sylvester
Should sing; ...nothing

I'm sorry for all you Sue fans out there but Jane Lynch should just not be singing. Yeah Vogue was ok but it's a waste of her talents as a comedic actress to sing the songs that she does as it always makes me cringe.
Should never have sung; Physical by Olivia Newton-John
What a bizarre choice this was! I know the song fits the character in terms of Sue being a cheerleading coach but come on. Seriously? 

Blaine Anderson
Should sing; One Thing by One Direction

I know the cast already sang What Makes You Beautiful last season but the acoustic version of this song would suit Blaine perfectly and could hopefully recapture the energy of his best performance to date so far, Teenage Dreams. Its also a great youthful love song for him to share with Kurt.


Should never have sung; Fighter by Christina Aguilera

I know this was a popular one for some of the fans but I think that had more to do the fact that Darren Criss was in the shower than the actual vocal. What upset me most was how the spoken intro of the song was just crowbarred into the middle of a conversation Blaine was sharing with his brother and all the TVs with Matt Bomers face in the background was just a bit much.

Keep coming back for daily updates in the countdown to Glee season 4 to see if you agree with the choices I make. 13 days to go!

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