Saturday, 1 September 2012

Thor VS Spiderman - Most Attractive Superhero for the 2012 Summer Blockbuster Standoff

The polls have closed for part 2 of the 2012 Summer Blockbuster Stand-Off and the winner you voted in for Best Reboot, Prequel or Squeakquel was Prometheus! The Amazing Spiderman was great in a popcorn sort of way but I think Prometheus was definitely the right choice. How often do you get an epic sc-fi film made at such a huge scale which is actually any good?
The next award is for that classic honour of Most Attractive Superhero. Now, I'm sure you'll agree that Scarlet Johansson did look incredible in her spandex as the Black Widow.

Then there's Michael Caine as Alfred of course, who I'm sure would have rocked the superhero look had he decided to make a go of it as Robin. 
However, for me there were only two heroes this summer who stood a fighting chance of winning this honour - Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. For this award, more than most perhaps, its really all about personal preference. In one corner, you have the classic superhero physique of Thor; all muscles and chiselled jaw with blond hair, if that’s your thing. In a film with so much going for it, I have to admit that Chris was my favourite thing in Avengers Assemble. 
Yet in the other corner, you have the more modern pinup in Andrew Garfield. Slim on the verge of skinny and with more of a sweet geeky appeal, his Spiderman is part of the currently popular trend of sexy nerds that are taking over Hollywood. Other examples of this include Matt Smith and that guy from know, the Irish one but Garfield is really the pinnacle.


So who gets to win Most Attractive Superhero in this stand-off? Tough choice guys but you decide. Just scroll up a bit and then vote in the poll to the left. It literally takes a second so show your support for either Chris Hemsworth or Andrew Garfield. They'll definitely thank you for it... if they knew this poll existed. Never mind, just vote anyway! And if you disagree with my choices, then let me know with a comment just below. Unless you want to nominate Christian Bale as Batman. Then I'm not interested. 

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