Friday, 7 September 2012

Back to school: top 15 school movies - ANSWERS


Last week I compiled a list of my top 15 school movies and asked you to warm up the grey cells to see if you could remember the names of said movies. Now I present you with the answers.

If you didn't get the chance to see this post, don't worry there's still time. Before you go any further go check out the earlier post then come back to see the answers. You won't be accused of cheating - honest.

Are you ready?

1. 10 Things I hate About You: One of my personal favourites. I loved the modern take on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew but more importantly I love Heath Ledger.

2. Mean Girls: Written by and staring Tina Fey Mean Girls is the noughties take at the social cliques in high school, where Cady Heron (Lohan) moved to a new school and encounters 'The Plastics.'

3. Clueless: How shallow can rich teenage girls be? Very when it comes to Silverstone's character Cher. When watching this as a teenager we thought we were so much better than, but deep down there's a little bit of Cher in all of us.

4. Pump up the Volume: There was always a million things we disagreed with when we were teens; at least Hard Harry (Slater) got on the air waves and told everyone all about it.

5. St. Trinian's: I would have  fitted in at  St . Trinian's perfectly.

6. Bring It On: For me this was when cheerleading stopped being about just standing there and waving pompoms, it was about sass, attitude and ridiculously well cherographed dance moves.

7. Never Been Kissed: Ever fancied going back to school? Well thats what Drew did. Cheesy and predicable, but who cares.       


8. Starter for 10: Ok, so it's university not school and it's about University Challenge not pool parties, but it's a winning combination for me.


9. Carrie: This could also been in furtue horror sections but it is about school. With a  very clear moral - don't be mean to the social outcast, you never know what powers they possess.

 10. Cruel Intentions: Based on Dangerous Liaisons this film is sexy and scary - what do you do when you're young, filthy rich and have everything money can buy?  You play mind games and take wagers on other people's feelings, obviously.              

11. Ferris Bueller's Day Off : Whether we've done or not Ferris Bueller takes skiving school to a whole new level.

12. Harry Potter : If there's one school we would all like to go to it's Hogwart's.
13. Heathers: The darkest of them all. Now if I were in a clique in a teen movie, being on of the Heather's would possibly be the scariest prospect for me.
14. High School Musical: I don't care - I love it. It's a school film AND it's a musical. If you're not sold - Zac Efron!
15. School of Rock: Do we want Mr Schneebly as a teacher? Not really. But we do want the fun he brings to the classroom.

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