Thursday 6 September 2012

Glee - Songs That Mercedes and Brittany Should Sing and Songs That They Should Never Have Sung

8 days to go until Glee season 4 premieres in the US! The last post focussed on Puck and Mike, discussing what songs they should be singing in the upcoming season and what songs they should never have sung in the first place. The countdown today heralds the return of the women, with a poster featuring Mercedes and Brittany, two fan favourites. 

Mercedes Jones:

Should sing; Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip

It would be easy to give Amber Riley a big soulful powerhouse number and she does them well but I think Mercedes needs to branch out into other genres of music and not just RnB or soul. Standing in the Way of Control is a classic indie track with an insane energy to it. Wouldn't it be great to see Mercedes cut loose a little bit more?

Should never have sung; I Look To You by Whitney Houston

Every now and again, I feel that Mercedes is given a big diva ballad just because its the obvious choice. Sure she's great at them but if she sings too many of them, it becomes a bit hit and miss. I Look To You is not the greatest Whitney Houston single of all time anyway and unfortunately, Amber Riley doesn't add anything new to it. The whole thing may lack genuine emotion but at least its not an embarassing performance.

Brittany Pierce:

Should sing; Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb
She may have limited range but with the few songs she has been chosen to sing, Brittany has shown that she can handle a solo performance and do it well. I've gone back into the vaults for this song but I think this would be a great showcase for Brittany. It could show a more emotional side to her character, perhaps dealing with her relationship with Santana. Give her a chance Ryan Murphy! She can do more than just dance...

Should never have sung; Dinosaur by Ke$ha

... although this performance does makes me second guess that somewhat. Forgetting the show for a moment, Dinosaur should never have been released as a song, even as a Ke$ha album track. To actively choose and include it on Glee is just embarassing, especially for a season finale. See the whole cringeworthy mess below.
Keep coming back for daily updates in the countdown to Glee season 4 to see if you agree with the choices I make. 8 days to go!

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