Saturday, 29 September 2012

K-Pop - G-Dragon and 2NE1 Are Taking Over The World Too... Watch Out Psy!

With 'Gangnam Style' set to top the charts in both America and the UK this week, I thought now would be a good time to check out some of the K-pop acts who look likely to follow in Psy's footsteps and claim world domination.

First up today is G-Dragon, lead singer of popular boyband BigBang, who has just released a solo album titled 'One Of A Kind'. Click here for my last K-Pop post which showcased some of his latest singles.

G-Dragon has another new video out ALREADY and I just had to share its wonderful craziness with you straight away. The promo for upbeat club hit 'Crayon' is perhaps his weirdest one yet but I love it. Among other things, look out for a Wonder Woman dressing gown, shiny Hype Williams style set design, a weird Pinocchio outfit, some Einstein hair and G-Dragon driving through a child's tv programme set in a tiny clown car. It's impossible to describe this video and do it justice. You just have to see it and lucky for you, it's right here. 

'Why so serious?'

One of the biggest girl groups on the K-Pop scene right now is 2ne1, pronounced over here as twenty-one. Check out their huge summer smash 'Electric Shock' here if you haven't already.

Since the release of that track, I've read somewhere that they are set to release their debut US album sometime in the near future and Will.I.Am. is apparently involved on the production duties so it should be a good one. In the meantime, here's another video of theirs, titled 'I Am The Best'. The song features the bands usual upbeat RnB style pop and dance sequences but this time with a fluffy dog and some pretend guns. Now you wouldn't get that in a Girls Aloud video!

'Oh My God!'

To shut up the haters who think all K-Pop sounds the same, here's a new video from a girl group called Orange Caramel, whose song 'Lipstick' is currently performing well on the K-Pop charts. While 2ne1 are all about the attitude, Orange Caramel embody the kitsch fun of K-Pop with some catchy little hooks and cute dance routines. They're also incredible at ping-pong if this video is anything to go by! 

Loving the outfits girls!

Finally, for something completely different again, here's a new song from Naul which is currently number 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100 Music Billboard Chart. 'Memory of the Wind' is Naul's first solo release in 13 years and to me, it sounds like the Korean equivalent of moody adult contemporary pop... but with random asteroids hitting the Earth from space. See it to believe it!  

I hope you've enjoyed this little taster of what else K-pop has to offer besides 'Gangnam Style'. Come back soon for more updates on some of your favourite K-Pop artists as well as some classic videos from previous years. And feel free to comment if you have a particular favourite that you want more people to hear and love. See you soon K-Pop fans!

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