Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Silver Linings Playbook Review.

David O Russell has crafted a wonderful feel-good romantic comedy with a twist. This subverted version of the classic boy meets girl tale is an enjoyable insight, exploring the ways that two people can deal with their separate relationships ending in two very different ways; one caught cheating, the other the result of a tragic accident. But both result in them going a little bit do-lally in their own way.

The film is a perfect showcase for its wonderful casts incredible acting talent. Every one of them is on top form in award worthy performances that is sure to get them attention come oscar night. Bradley Cooper is an unexpected delight as the mentally unstable Pat Solitano and in fact, he has never been better. The supporting cast all shine, including the always brilliant Robert De Niro who's great as Pat's obsessive compulsive father and Jackie Weaver is both sweet and caring as his mother. Even Chris Tucker is subtly hilarious as his friend who keeps escaping the mental hospital, only to be dragged back soon after. But the real standout star here is up and coming A lister Jennifer Lawrence, whose performance steals the film. She plays the emotionally complex role of Tiffany, a recently bereaved widow. Lawrence is funny, honest, sweet, sexy and all the while playing just the right amount of crazy. She even holds her own up against Robert de Nero in a monologue that is sure to be the clip they show for her at this years Oscars. Here is the trailer.
Looks pretty goog eh? Well thats because it is. What I loved most about this film was how genuinely close to real life it was. Yes these people are a bit crazy but don't we all go a little crazy when it comes to love? They are so believable with the emotionally unstable behaviour and baggage. It's also nice to see Julia Stiles is still alive. I loved this film.


  1. Jennifer Lawrence was already a star but this was her best performance to date by far! Also, is this Julia Stiles best performance or does Save The Last Dance give this a run for its money?!

  2. You seem to have forgotten '10 things I hate about you' is is great in this film if not overshadowed by the rest of the cast.