Saturday, 25 August 2012

Aaliyah 11th Anniversary RIP - Most Underrated Songs

It's been 11 years since Aaliyah died but she's still being talked about, with a new film coming up based on her life and controversy over Drake trying to use samples of her voice, against the wishes of Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

Aaliyah's music was groundbreaking at the time of release and to commemorate her anniversary, I thought I would share some of her best songs with you. However, instead of looking at the singles that received the most airplay, I thought I would highlight five of her best album tracks and lesser-known performances. Enjoy!

I Care 4 U - Beautiful smoky ballad written by Missy Elliott that can be found on Aaliyah's last studio album. Aaliyah planned to shoot a video for this song but could not as her life was tragically cut short before she was able to. 

I Gotcha' Back - Great Timbaland production off the phenomenal 'One In A Million' album. Should have been a single but there were already so many good ones off this album.

Stickin' Chickens - Bizarre title! This track is off Missy Elliotts' second album 'Da Real World' and features Aaliyah singing the chorus with a Da Brat rap as well. Whatever happened to Da Brat eh?

Are You Feelin' Me? - Incredible Timbaland production again, this time off the soundtrack for Romeo Must Die, which Aaliyah also starred in. It was technically released as a single posthumously off a greatest hits album but was never promoted. 

I Am Music - This was an album track off Timbaland & Magoo's album 'Indecent Proposal'. Aaliyah sings the chorus to this surreal song, showcasing what an innovative artist she really was.

RIP Aaliyah


  1. Aww I love it! I completely agree with "I gotcha back" and "Are you feelin me". Been listening to her a bit this week as I knew it was coming up to the anniversary. I would've included "I can be" off of the Aaliyah album and "If your girl only knew" - even though she did release that! Ohh and "John Blaze" my ultimate favourite Aaliyah track!!!!!! Can't believe it's been 11 years :( And of course I'll be at Beth's - I'll seeya there! X

  2. Love I Can Be! And If Your Girl Only Knew is one of her best singles ever!!! Not sure about John Blaze though. I really wanted to add Read Between The Lines from Aaliyah album as well. So many to choose from!!!