Thursday 30 August 2012

I Love The 90s: Fashion.

The other day, I asked my brother in law what does he remember of fashion of the 90s? After a moment of quiet reflection he answered, ‘There wasn’t any.’  And he was right. From the high wasted white wash denim jeans and long skirts to the baggy shirts with horrendous brightly coloured patterns which would have been unwelcome in the 1970s, 90s fashion was just awful.

But recently I’ve started to notice a resurgence in 90s fashion. A hair scrunchy here, an ill-fitting shirt there and those damn garish designs I thought/prayed had long since been laid to rest. It’s time to face facts; 90s fashion is back. It’s time to whack out your ‘Blossom’ hat, get your hair cut into the ‘Rachel’, pull on a polo neck jumper and invest in a Ben Sherman shirt. May god help us all.

For a young boy growing up in the decade the style forgot, my personal fashion sense was, how shall I put this? Piss poor. I looked terrible in every old picture of me, and I don’t just blame the decade itself, but also my parents and in fact everyone parents, who must have been on one hell of an acid trip to think that those clothes were in anyway expectable. I mean your glasses were big enough to see how bad I look.

I’m talking about Adidas track suit bottoms, you know the ones? Everyone wore them, an array of baggy t-shirts with things like Super Mario Bros, The Simpsons and that weird 7up guy on them. I had hair so bad that it made my head look like a mushroom (I think at one time I even had a rats tail, because that was the in thing that year, heaven knows why.) Thanks mum.
The success of grunge music brought with it it's own wave of fashion trends, the ripped jeans, plaid shirts (again oversized) woolly jumpers and the standard greasy floopy hair. Thats how I really wanted to dress. There were so many painfully hideous trends that were popular in the 90s, from neon to leggings and the god awful exercise-wear, far to many to talk about, otherwise I'll be here for days.
Kids these days seem so stylish, without a kappa tracksuit in sight. Looking at a picture of me recently I cringed with embarassment at how bad I looked, but looking back in retrospective, so did everyone else.
please feel free to comment and be sure to check out some more of my other loves from the 90s like Music, The Spice Girls, Titanic, and Video Games to name a few, enjoy.


  1. I would like to see one of these pictures you talk about.

  2. well, maybe my next post might contain one of those terrible pictures, might. ok, it will.

  3. I LOVE 90S CLOTHEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good for you, I personally have my doubts. Thanks for commenting