Sunday 26 August 2012

K-Pop...Fantastic Baby!

A few weeks back, I went to South Korea on holiday and within one day, I was hooked on K-pop. Thank you BigBang.

WOW! FANTASTIC BABY! How insane is this video? Between the slow-mo dancing, crazy hair and that random owl, what is there not to love about it???

Here's another one;

What I love about Monster and most K-pop in general is how random words or sentences are sung in English, in between all of the Korean. And the hair. You have to love the hair.

But if BigBang, the biggest Korean group in the world right now aren't up your street, then you should definitely try out BoA (yes, that capital A is deliberate).
BoA is a singer/dancer in the mould of Britney or Janet, back in the day. She is often referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop and has been performing since 2000. Here she is.

And here is the lead single off her latest album, Only One.

Now, even if you didn't enjoy the crazy hand dance thingy she does, then I know that you will love the next video. In 2009, BoA released a self-titled album in America, produced by big names such as Sean Garrett and Bloodshy & Avant. The whole thing is sung in English and was ridiculously underrated. If the video for Eat You Up does not make you a fan then I recommend you give up on the whole K-Pop thing entirely, it's that good!!!

Such an amazing dancer!!! Ok, if you're still here, then here's a couple more K-pop videos from BoA and BigBang to keep you going.


I've also heard good things about 2NE1 but haven't had time to check them out properly yet. But you should!!! Finally, most of the aforementioned songs can be found on itunes but if not, youtube is your best bet. Amazon and ebay are also good if you're old school and want the actual CDs like me.
Let me know if I've made you a K-pop convert! :)

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