Saturday, 25 August 2012

Every film poster should be an Olly Moss poster!

Anyone who has bought Empire magazine in the last year or two will have fallen in love with the striking posters that Olly Moss creates for new and old film releases. I've chosen my favourite 10 to share with you guys, including some from his web site, where there is a much wider selection of prints and posters that also incorporates video games and more general culture. Enjoy and check out his web site at

1. Awesome propoganda style poster for Captain America.

2. Perfectly represents the most famous scene in The Deer Hunter.

3. Love how the freaky trees in The Evil Dead are also represented here as the veins of the hand. Little bit Carrie-esque too.

4. Again, perfectly sums up the most iconic scene in Taxi Driver through genius yet simple use of symmetry.

5. Maybe not as clever as some of the other posters but this one for Thor just looks cool.

6. Amazing 70s style poster for Moon, which itself was a throwback to sci-fi classics of the era.

7. Great way to show how the title character from My Neighbour Totoro is at one with the world around the children. Still the most popular children's film in Japan and for good reason!

8. These last three designs are based around videogames, formatted in the style of old-school book covers. This one for Silent Hill will give chills to anyone who has played the original games on the PS1.

9. This design for GTA IV instantly makes me think of army tanks and helicopters approaching!

10. Finally, one of my favourite designs for one of the best games of all time. Metal Gear Solid was just so ridiculously ahead of its time, allowing the player to do the most random things like hide in a box or smoke, not that I endorse either activity!

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