Friday, 24 August 2012

Ted review

Ted went off to a good start, with a great Patrick Stewart voiceover which set the scene. If you are unaware of how funny Patrick Stewart actually is, please watch this clip from Family Guy now.

I wanted Ted to be good so much but it was far too hit and miss, with a range of bizarre cameos, not all of which worked well (sorry Ryan Reynolds).

It all felt a bit like a sub-par Family Guy episode where Peter is a teddy bear and it’s been stretched to over 100 minutes long. That's not to say that there weren't some good moments though. The whole party scene is ridiculously funny and just gets more and extreme as it goes on, with emotional 90s singing, awkward anti-semitism and a deranged cameo from the original Flash Gordon.

However, even this is spoiled somewhat by a lame version of the chicken fight that Family Guy has been milking for years now. The main problem though was that the story didn’t hold it all together very well and it became too sentimental towards the end, as Ted tries to fix the break up he has caused between Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Both of them are brilliant though, showing a real connection to Ted, despite him being a small CGI bear. 

Both their performances helped make this an easy film to watch and while Ted himself is likeable, I couldn't help be disappointed by the first big-screen venture of Seth MacFarlane. Maybe I just had too high hopes for it but if you want to see Macfarlane at his best, check out Family Guy and American Dad from around season 2 or 3 onwards. Gold.

3 out of 5 jokes were funny, 2 out of 5 were not.

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