Tuesday 28 August 2012

More K-Pop...Gangnam Style!

I have to apologise. My recent post about K-pop neglected to mention one of the biggest songs to come out of South Korea in a long time. This song reached number one over there upon release and the video features a number of Korean celebrities, including two members of BigBang dressed up as old men playing chess. It has even been parodied randomly on the US chat show Chelsea Lately and the dance is more addictive than crack. If you're not into all the boybands and girl groups that K-pop is so fond of, or even if you love them, then either way this is the song for you.

Yes, this is Korean rap... Gangnam Style!

Thanks Psy!  The whole thing is so ridiculous that it's genius! It's hard to pick a favourite moment in the video but I think mine involves a lot of thrusting in the elevator. And if that wasn't enough for you, here's Nelly Furtado covering Gangnam Style in concert. 

And finally, if you're still hankering for a bit more conventional K-pop (by K-pop standards that is), then here is the latest video from BoA, called Shadow.

That's two posts I've done on K-Pop in the last week. Now you must be hooked! If you want more, then let me know by commenting below and don't forget to like the page or subscribe if you're enjoying the blog! And find out more about how Gangnam Style is taking over the world here. Nuff said. 

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