Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Magic Mike review

One day, you will be able to pause, zoom and even rewind in the cinema. This is the film such technology was invented for.

Now let's not kid ourselves. There is only one reason why the vast majority of people go to see Magic Mike and it sure as hell isn't for the script BUT even if you took all the stripper scenes out, there is still an enjoyable film in there. Sure, some of the characters are pretty bland (disappointed in you Matt Bomer) and Alex Pettyfer lacked charisma but Channing Tatum somehow brings a nuanced performance to his stripper character and Matthew Mcconaughey steals every scene he is in. He was literally born to play the role of sleazy strip joint owner.

What surprised me more than anything though was that Steven Soderbergh actually used a  range of beautiful shots with interesting angles and framing when he could have so easily just got away with basic long shots and close ups. There's a scene where two girls are chatting at a bar and in the corner of the frame, Pettyfer slowly glides into view and the whole effect of it is just amazing.
In summary then, I recommend Magic Mike not only for the jaw-droppingly obvious but also because its actually a pretty good film. Enjoy it people. I guarantee you should not wait until the DVD for this one, although I'm sure many of you will have already pre-ordered that too!
Rating: 4 out of 5 cans of spray tan

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