Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Nicki Minaj Video - I Am Your Leader

Nicki Minaj has just released the 5th video off the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded for the track I Am Your Leader and it has all the kooky weirdness that made me fall in love with Minaj in the first place. I wish the Pound The Alarm video was as crazy as this! Check out the video below but be warned, it has explicit language so only click on it if you're of an appropriate age.

I'm actually in love with her crazy faces and ridiculous hair!

This track is from the hip-hop half of the album, while other hits such as Pound The Alarm are in the second, more dancey and commercial half. Minaj was very clever to market herself like this, effectively hitting two target audiences in one album but this disappointed me slightly as it left the CD overlong with too much filler. Don't get me wrong; I love Nicki Minaj and the album has so many good tracks but its hard to listen to it all in one sitting. Perhaps two smaller albums, one of each genre would have been the way to go.

Nicki Minaj hasn't confirmed whether I Am Your Leader will actually be a single yet so if this just turns out to be a promo video, I would love her to release Roman Holiday next. I can't believe it wasn't the lead single. I would love to link her performance of the song at this years Grammys on here but its extremely hard to find an unaltered version but here's a pic below. If you did see the performance, can you imagine how incredible a proper video could be!

Failing that, I beg you Minaj, release Roman Reloaded ft Lil Wayne, Whip It or Marilyn Monroe!

Agree? Disagree? Love Minaj? Think she's a Lady Gaga wannabe? Tell me what you think below!

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