Friday 31 August 2012

New Official Taylor Swift Video - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

For all of you hardcore 'Swifties' or whatever Taylor Swift fans call themselves these days, the new official video for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is now available worldwide. The song was co-written by famed Swedish producer Max Martin and the video features Swift singing, acting and undergoing five speedy costume changes, all in one continuous take. There is much speculation regarding the actor who plays the ex boyfriend in the video, with some people comparing his appearance to Adam Levine.
All this gossip as to whether Swift secretly dated Levine at one point seems rather pointless as she appears happy with her current boyfriend Connor Kennedy but no matter.

What I like about the video is how it aims to be upbeat in the face of a painful break-up, although the faces of Taylor's band members do get annoying very quickly. Best to ignore those and focus then on the clever technical wizardry of Declan Whitebloom's direction as Taylor sings by far the best song she has recorded yet. So here's the video...enjoy!

What's your favourite moment? I like the random floaty bed behind Taylor's head towards the end. Let me know your best bit and whether you even like the video or not. You don't have to be a hardcore 'Swifty' to comment!

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