Sunday 26 August 2012

I Love the 90s. Friday Night TV.

I love the 90s and It might be  my age, or it might have something to do with the fact that the 90s just rocked in general. Now I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what I love most about the decade that brought us the Spice girls, Dolly the sheep and Blossom!
Friday Night TV.
Growing up in the days before Sky plus gave us endless channels of enjoyment you could record, fast forward and pause live TV, we poor children of the 90s were cursed with only 4 channels, I know right? These where indeed dark times, and this affected your life more then you realised, for example; I want to go out and see friends and play Pogs, but hold up it’s Friday night and Friends is on followed by Cybill, followed by Caroline in the city, followed by Frasier followed by Eurotrash!


Now this wasn’t a problem for those of us that had a VHS recorder (what’s a VHS?) but they could only record up to four hours at most (that was unless you had one that had long play as well as short play, remember that? I thought it was the bees knees when we got that) but for the unlucky ones out there who don't have such lavish luxury you had a tough choice to make. 
  • Have a social life and miss out on some classic TV or... 
  • Stay on your own for an evening of situation comedies and soft porn that will isolate you from your peers, limit your communication skills and give you an unhealthy obsession with Lolo Ferrari?
Well, needless to say I chose TV, a decision I’ve never regretted. Thank god for Sky plus, but there will always be something I miss about not having control on what i'm watching, and i will always miss friday nights on Channel 4, for they've never been the same since.


  1. Friday nights were the BEST! and then Will and Grace got added towards the end of the 90s as well. Not going to lie though, disappointed that Saturday nights with Noel Edmonds didn't get a mention ha!

  2. you mean Noels house party? i love it, maybe i'll do one for saturday night

  3. YES! Do one for Saturday, and don't forget Beadles about OR BIG BREAK! Ham loving the blogs btw xx

  4. 'Oh my days' i just remember Gladiators! and Blind Date! why did those Shows ever stop?