Thursday, 30 August 2012

MTV VMA 2012. Best Male Video: Who should win?

Yesterday I looked at the best female video and I made the choices of who I thought should win and who will win. Today it's the turn of the best male video, which has been won before by all but two of this years nominees. Who will win? who should win? and who should have been nominated?

Best Male Video, here are the nominations:

  • Justin Bieber - 'Boyfriend'

  • Chris Brown - 'Turn up the music.'

  • Drake ft. Rihanna - 'Take care.'

  • Frank Ocean - 'Swim good.'

  • Usher - 'Climax.'

Who will win: Justin Bieber - 'Boyfriend.'

Justin Bieber and his ever growing army of fans will ensure that this moonman has his name on it come Thursday night, for a video which is overall disapointing and not very original. I found his preview of the video more interesting and artistic.

Who should win: Drake ft. Rihanna - 'Take care.'

Drake delivers a simplistic and moody black and white video that sees him and a blonde Rihanna go all emo on us, while intercut
with slow motion images that I'm sure have a huge depth of meaning and metaphors and is not at all a little pretentious.

Who should have been nominated: Gotye ft. Kimbra - 'Somebody that I used to know.'

This has clearly been over looked, I can't understand how a video which is up for best video of the year can't be nominated in this category when four of the others nominees aren't. It has been one of the most popular songs of the year so far with a video that is both innovative and mainstream, it reminds me a bit of Peter Gabriels' 'Sledgehammer' video.  

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Or have I forgotten someone who should have been nominated?
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