Tuesday 28 August 2012

I love the 90s. School Trends.

I love the 90s. School Trends.
I loved Pogs! They were the in thing while I was at primary school and everyone played, whether it was for friendly or keeps, and only the hard core played for keeps. Looking back at the 90s got me thinking about Pogs and all the other trends that swept the world by storm in the decade where everyone had to have a Buzz Lightyear, beanie babies and a polo neck jumper. (Why?)

Back in year 7, the in thing was has have a tamagotchi, which sucked because you had to wait like two days for the damn thing to hatch, then you had to feed it, play with it, clean up its crap. And then when you’re in the middle of English it goes and bloody dies after only three days and then you’d have to wait another two days for it to hatch again. Of course I was obsessed and loved it. I loved how it was shaped like an egg that was always some bright colour. And that when it grew, it would play a funky tune, some kind of birthday celebration, and beep for attention, usually in said English class right before it dies and ascends to heaven with angel wings.  
 The following year, they were out, no one cared anymore, everyone was already moving on to the next big thing, which was, wait for it… the yoyo. Now, me and the yoyo never really got on, of course I had one, everyone had one and I didn’t want to be the only loser who didn’t have a yoyo. But while some of my peers were ‘walking the dog’ and other intricate tricks, I would struggle to get the damn thing to come back up to my hand.  So like most children who find something hard and struggling, I gave up and watched a bit of TV. Fun House followed by Art Attack anyone?

And then it happened, life changed for the better because by year 9, Pokémon had arrived and they killed the trend of yoyos in one fell swoop, I was obsessed! Not only was the TV show the best thing, they had games on the Nintendo, the gameboy and my personal favourite, the trading card game. I didn’t really ever like to play with other people cause there was a fear that my favourite cards might be taken form me and I couldn’t go through the pain of having to keep buying the packs of six, hoping to find Charizard, but always getting bloody Squirtle!

A few years ago, I sold my collection of Pokémon cards in a boot fair, gave my Pogs to a family friend and binned the numerous tamagotchi’s I had collected. The yoyo I had destroyed years before in a fit of rage. In that moment a little part was sad to let go of these things which I loved so much, but I guess it’s all part of growing up. By dear lord, some days I just want to sit down with a cup of tea and play a good old game of Pogs. Anyone?
Was there anything that you remeber that I forgot? which was your favourite trend? Like, comment, follow and stay tuned for more fun from the 90s to come.


  1. I was never really feeling the yo-yo, although obviously I had to get one because everyone else had one. For me, it was all about Pokemon on the gameboy colour. Pokemon Red to be exact! Screw the cards, I used to walk to school playing the game and trying not to get run over!

  2. Game of conkers anyone? Use to love that one, old mate John use to take me down to the conker tree and collect THOUSANDS! Then we would attach the string and conker away! Hours of fun ... until your conker smashed open, which was approximately 0.5 seconds in a game up against the conker king...



  3. You're right, you can't beat a good game of conkers, the trill of smashing them all to smithereens!!!
    Oh, and david you need to be more careful when you walk to school!