Friday 31 August 2012

New Taylor Swift Song With Video Preview - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Something very strange has happened. Taylor Swift has a new song out... which I actually like. That's right. I was shocked too but if you listen to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, its actually catchy as hell and shows a new strength in Miss Swift, who has obviously started to mature in the wake of numerous break-ups over the past few years.

The song is already a huge smash everywhere, breaking records all over the shop, and Swift will be performing it at the VMAs next week on MTV. Here is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together with the official lyric video:

The actual official video with Taylor Swift in is again, surprisingly good; the whole thing is shot in one continuous take with numerous costume changes and a quirky tone that counters the potentially depressing lyrics. Unfortunately , the official video is not currently available in the UK but I'll post it as soon as it appears. For now, here is the preview:

But why is this such a good song? What has changed for Taylor Swift? The answer is Max Martin. Normally, Swift writes the majority of her songs solo but for the new upcoming album, she called on Max Martin and his friend Shellback to help her write and produce a track and this was the result. All I will say for now is that Max Martin is a pop genius. This is what he looks like (although I think the pic is a bit old).
You may not have heard of him but I guarantee that you will have heard some of Martin's songs that he has written and produced, including classics by Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Pink and Katy Perry. Check back on Be Careful! Your Hand! in the next day or so for a countdown of his Top 10 best songs. You don't want to miss it!!!  

And let me know what you think of Taylor Swift's new song!

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  1. Max Martin is amazing! and i also really like her new song.