Friday, 24 August 2012

New music videos you should check out! Brandy, No Doubt, Nelly Furtado, Pink & Mariah!

Brandy ft Chris Brown - Put It Down
Loving this video with all the random lights and effects. Brandy is looking hot and sounding fantastic. Give her a chance people. She's back! Shame about Chris Brown being involved though :(. Give me more Monica duets any day!

No Doubt - Settle Down
Not the most exciting comeback video in the world but loving the song. So great to have them back finally after countless delays. Gwen Stefani looks like she has not aged a day since the Tragic Kingdom album and even the Harajuku Girls make an appearance!

Nelly Furtado - Spirit Indestructable
Second single off the upcoming album. I think it's great that Nelly has gone back to her musical roots but is still keeping it a bit hip-hop, particularly with the last single, Big Hoops. Very excited about this one, even though it won't do as well as Loose. 

Pink - Blow Me One Last Kiss
Not entirely sure about the video but after the success of Funhouse and the Greatest Hits, Pink has come back with another brilliant song. It's classic Pink but also seems a bit more mature at the same time. Yet another upcoming album I need to add to my Amazon wishlist. Shame that the X-Factor Pink wannabe didn't sing this one last week, she might have had better luck!

Mariah Carey ft Meek Mill & Rick Ross - Triumphant
Interesting fact; Mariah has released three versions of this song, including throwback and chilled. However, she is leading with the hip-hop version which features the aforementioned rappers on the verses, probably in a bid to capitalise on the insane success that Rick Ross is currently enjoying Stateside. Typically glitzy hip-hop video this, but would like to see more of Mariah herself! And an extra costume change or two wouldn't go amiss.

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