Monday, 14 January 2013

Oscars 2013: Best Picture, Who Should Win?

With the Oscar nominations now out for the world to see, it's time to start playing the guessing game of who will win? Who should win? And of course, who should have been nominated? This year the academy has outdone itself for surprises, most notably in the Best Directing field. No Kathryn Bigalow? Burn. But today we're taking a look at Best Picture, so what films made it on the list this year? Lets take a look.
Here are the nominations:
Beast of the Southern Wild.
Django Unchained.
Life of Pi.
Les Miserables.
Silver Linings Playbook.
Zero Dark Thirty.
Who will win? Lincoln.
Despite Argo's win at the Globes, I still don't think it can win Best Picture without the all important Best Directing nod. So this one will go to Lincoln I think, but I'm hoping for a surprise come Oscar night.
Who should win? Argo.
This is a hard one to call for me, as it's between Argo and Silver Linings Playbook but I'm gonna go for Argo. It's about time the Academy gives this award to a film that both audiences and critics love that was also a box office hit before awards season arrives. Does Best Picture always have to be an over long period drama?
Who should have been nominated? Skyfall.
How great would it have been for the James Bond franchise to celerabrate its fifty year anniversary with it's first Oscar nomination in the Best Picture catogory? Skyfall is a brilliant film, well received by both critics and audiences alike.
What do think of the choices I've made? Do you agree wholeheartedly or do you disagree angrily? Feel free to let me know, comment, like, share and follow, thanks.

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