Friday 7 September 2012

Glee - New Character - Brody Weston

Six days and counting until the Glee season 4 premiere! The last post showcased one of the new cast members, Marley Rose and what her character might get up to in future episodes. Today another new series regular has taken centre stage and he's called Brody Weston. Let's take a look.

Brody is going to be a regular from the very first episode of season 4, titled 'The New Rachel'. Here he is close up!


Not bad right?

As you may already know, the new series is going to be split between the regular Glee club in Mckinley High and Rachel's new life in New York. Brody will be featured as a potential love interest for Rachel during her time at NYADA. Should her fiance Finn Hudson be worried?

Most definitely!

Dean has had a pretty varied career pre-Glee, including a stint on Neighbours, receiving a Nickolodeon Australian Kids Choice for 'fave hottie' and even coming third place in Australian Idol (2006). If I were a betting man, I'd say that our Dean could be from old Ozzie! Here he is performing 'Turn The Beat Around' during disco week from his Idol days.

Did you see that handspring thingy he did about a minute in? I love how all the teen girls go crazy when he backflips at the end haha!

Soon after the competition ended, Dean was signed to a record deal and released his first single 'If You Don't Mean It' in 2007. He even did a video and everything. Watch it below but I recommend that your expectations should be kept to a minimum.

Shockingly, Dean released his album soon after to mixed reviews and was subsequently dropped from his label. Aw bless. But he's kept busy with a role on Spielberg's Terra Nova show and last year, Dean made his film debut with Never Back Down 2... everyone has to start somewhere.

Not much has been revealed about the character of Brody Weston yet, other than his interest in Rachel Berry, but it'll be interesting to have a fresh male face on the show who will hopefully have more of a backbone than boring old Finn (sorry Hudson fans but its true!). Meanwhile, here's another picture of Dean Geyer to keep you going over the next six days, before the first episode of the new series airs in the US. Enjoy!

Keep coming back for daily updates in the countdown to Glee season 4 and let me know what you think. Will Brody cut it as a series regular? And does he have what it takes to steal Rachel away from Finn? Judging from the picture above, I would say yes! 6 days to go Gleeks!


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  1. I was a little concerned about the New York split and if Rachel could hold her own. If we're going on looks alone we don't have to. Bring it on Brody!