Saturday, 1 September 2012

MTV VMA 2012. Best Rock Video: Who should win?

Best Rock video was first given out in 1989, and it was one of the four original genre categories added to the VMAs that year. Over the next decade, its name has changed from hard rock to heavy metal rock before it settled with its more general name in 1997. In the past, this category has been ruled by Areosmith who have won and been nominatated more then any other act. Anyway enough of that, lets get on with it shall we?

Best Rock Video, here are the nominations:

  • The Black Keys - 'Lonely boy.'

  • Coldplay - 'Paradise.'

  • Imagine Dragons - 'It's time.'

  • Linkin Park - 'Burn it down.'

  • Jack white - 'Sixteen Saltines.'

Who will win: Coldplay - 'Paradise.'

Ok, I'll be honest; I don't like Coldplay, but I feel that the voters do and they'll love this simple concept video of an elephant escaping from the zoo to find his way home to his natural habitat. Psst, did I mention that it's not really an elephant but a man in  suit, I know right, mind blowing. with a reference to Bob Dylans 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' (lyrics on placard), they'll love it.


Who should win: Jack White - 'Sixteen Saltines.'
Making the transition from front man of one of the most famous indie bands of the last decade to popular solo artist is never easy, but Jack's video is a great example of how to do this successfully while remaining artistically relevant. Sixteen Saltines has a home made documentary feel of a grungy, 90s indie film that suits the mood of the song.  

Who should have been nominated: Kasabian - 'man of simple pleasures'

Kasabian's video has a basic concept that works brilliantly, displaying the lyrics of the song in an unusual way that is also reminiscent of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues video . However, in my opinion, I think Kasabian's homage of this is brought far more effectively here into a contemporary setting, without being too over the top. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I'm currently unable to upload the video here, but here's a link where you can finf the video, enjoy.
What do you think? Agree or disagree? Or have I forgotten someone who should have been nominated?
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  1. Reminded me how good Jack White is. Also love the linkin park video