Tuesday 11 September 2012

Glee - Blaine and Puck's Best Performances

There are now only 48 hours left until season 4 of Glee premieres in the US! The last post looked at a song that I thought Will Schuester should sing in the upcoming series and a song that I definitely think he should have never even performed in the first place. Today, we have two characters who have already featured previously on other Glee countdown posters so instead of the usual approach, I'm going to share what I think are the two best performances that Blaine and Puck have done so far. See if you agree!

Here's the promo poster - this is the second to last one!

Blaine Anderson:

Second Best Performance; Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child
Bills, Bills, Bills was a fantastic showcase for the Warblers but Blaine really stands out here with an incredible interpretation of this classic RnB song. What I love about this performance is that it wasn't really an obvious choice for a young white man to sing but Darren Criss does it with such attitude and charisma that Blaine quickly became cemented as a fan favourite early on.


Best Performance; Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

This was the song that made a million Gleeks everywhere fall in love with the character of Blaine Anderson and it's not hard to see why. Teenage Dream had already become a huge global smash worldwide that had been heard a million times before so it was all the more impressive when Blaine reinterpreted the song and made it completely his own. One of my favourite Glee performances ever, without a doubt.


Noah Puckerman:

Second Best Performance; Mean by Taylor Swift

What I like about this duet is that it seemed to come out of nowhere and yet it was surprisingly believable and heartfelt. I also enjoyed the interplay between Coach Beiste and Puck, pouring out their pain to one another as kindred spirits. The whole thing was genuinely moving and for me, even improved upon the original version of the song.

Best Performance; Big Ass Heart by Noah Puckerman

Written by the show's creators, Big Ass Heart was one of the many new original songs that were featured towards the end of the second season of Glee. I thought these songs were great and perfectly pitched at the characters who performed them, rather than some of the covers which can feel more forced at times. However, Big Ass Heart could possibly be my standout favourite of the bunch as the lyrics are genius and Puck somehow manages to make the whole thing come off as both funny and sincere simultaneously. Puck performs the song for Lauren, his love interest at the time, and hearing this again also reminds me of how great she was. Bring her back in season 4!!!

Come back tomorrow for the last post in the Glee countdown to see who will feature on the final promo. It's come so quick! Let me know if you agree with my choices through the comment box below. Come on, you know you wanna! Last day tomorrow!!!

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