Wednesday 5 September 2012

MTV VMA 2012. Best Video of The Year: Who should win?

Well the time has come to look at the most prestigous award to be handed out tomorrow night, best video of the year. First won by Cars in 1984 for 'You might think'(which beat 'Thriller', I know right?) it has been won over the years by some truly classic videos like, Peter Gabriels 'Slegdhammer' and Madonnnas 'Ray of light' to some not so classics like last years winner Katy Perrys 'Firework'; great song, not so great video.  
Intrestingly, over the last six years this award has been won by a woman, and no matter who does win tomorrow, that record is set to continue as all the nominees at least feature a woman. Let's do this.
Best Video of The Year, here are the nominations:

  • Drake Ft. Rihanna - 'Take care'
  • Gotye Ft. Kimbra - 'Somebodt that i used to know'
  • M.I.A - 'Bad girls'
  • Katy Perry - 'Wide awake'
  • Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris - 'We found love'
Who will win: Drake Ft. Rihanna - 'Take care'
This was a very difficult one for me to pick, but I think either way, Rihanna will win, whether on her own or with Drake, she will take the prize for the second time in her career and I'm going for with Drake.
Who should win: M.I.A - 'Bad girls'
I think it was the moment that the camera pans around to reveal M.I.A filing her nails while sat on the side of a car thats driving on its side, she looks effortlessly cool and completely won me over. The video almost parodies the sterotypical Rap video we've become accustomed to and setting it in Saudi Arabia addressing their strict womans rights.

Who should have been nominated: Lana Del Rey - 'Natinal anthem'
Ok, so I know I might be going on about her now, but come on. This video sees Lana and A$AP Rocky playing the roles of JFK and Jakie O, with a little bit of Marylin Monroe thrown in for good measure. A collection of home movies leads up until the famous assassination. The video captures everything that Lana's music is; a subverted homage to 1950s America. It should be reconised as one of the best of the year. 

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Or have I forgotten someone who should have been nominated?
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