Monday, 3 September 2012

I love the 90s: Hotties, who's still got it?

Last week I looked at the hotties from the 90s. Today I thought I would see if any of them have maintained their hotness and if possible got even hotter.

First on the list are a few obvious A-listers, who over the years have dipped, albeit slightly, in the hotness stakes at times (Brad's Grizzly Adams look and Mark and Leo's fall out with the gym) but over all maintained their right to be high on the list.

Brad Pitt

Leonado Dicaprio

Mark Wahlberg

 If we take a look at some of the TV hotties from the 90s we can see that they have also faired pretty well.

Mario Lopez

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Jason Priestley

Jennie Garth

My personal favouite though is Brian Austin Green. He was cute in the 90s but he has grown in hotness. That and being married to the equally hot Megan Fox puts him top of my list.

Brian Austin Green

So far it seems that all my favourites from the 90s still possess a high level of hotness, and personally I like it that way. There are exceptions to this, like Val Kilmer

who lost his hotness long ago. The thought of this saddens me and given time I'm sure some of the celebs mentioned above will slip off this list and onto another not so fortunate one. For the time being though I will remember my 90s hotties as ageless beauties that represent an amazing decade.

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