Wednesday 12 September 2012

Glee - Songs That Rachel Should Sing and Songs That She Should Never Have Sung

It's the last day of the countdown and there is only one promo poster left to take a look at before the first episode of Glee season 4 premieres in the US! The last post focussed on what I think were the best performances by Blaine and Puck that we've seen so far. Today we're finally onto the star of the show, Rachel Berry. They just had to save her until last didn't they!? Not only will I be discussing what song I think she should sing in the new series and what song she should never have sung but I'll also take a look back at her best performance on Glee, as Sue's already been discussed in a previous post.

Here's the final promo poster!

Rachel Berry:

Should sing; Saving Me From Myself by Christina Aguilera

Rachel Berry has always been the star of the show due to THAT voice but sometimes I feel that she over sings to the point where it becomes unappealing. A recording artist who's suffered a similar problem in the past is Christina Aguilera but on this track from Back To Basics, she stripped it down completely, proving that she could do soft and understated as well as hitting those big notes. Rachel Berry could really use a song like this, so that she doesn't become too repetitive with the Streisand wannabe numbers.



Should never have sung; Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

The song is amazing. Lea Michelle is amazing. But the two just don't go together. Rachel Berry was always going to struggle in Britney week, as the two share nothing in common but the raw sexuality of the song just went limp when sung in that powerhouse Broadway voice. It'll be interesting to see what they throw Berry's way in the second Britney episode, coming up in the new series. Maybe Everytime?


Best Performance to Date; Don't Rain On My Parade by Barbra Streisand
Now, I am aware that I mocked Rachel's constant Streisand obsession above but there's a reason why the two singers are often associated in Glee and it is THIS song. Rachel just smashes it with a vocal that is just so powerful and skilled that it transcends the show, making you feel like you are watching a Broadway production. Lea Michele's version of the song was even performed at the Tonys in 2010 and how many Glee songs can you say that about?

So that's it then. If you're a Rachel fan then comment below and let me know what you think of my choices. Tomorrow, the countdown will be over and Glee will return to our screens with series 4. How will Rachel cope in New York? Will the show still work now that it's been split into two separate locations? And will the new characters match the standard set by the original cast? Let's hope so! Let me know your thoughts below and I hope all Gleeks out there enjoy the first episode!   

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