Wednesday 5 September 2012

Glee - Songs That Noah and Mike Should Sing and Songs They Should Never Have Sung

There are only 9 days left until Glee season 4 premieres in the US! The last post focussed on Finn and Sam, discussing what songs they should be singing in the upcoming season and what songs they should never have sung in the first place. Advertising the countdown today is another exclusively male poster, this time featuring Noah and Mike.
Noah Puckerman:
Should sing; Heartless by Kanye West (Kris Allen version)
What was great about 'Puck's' singing at the beginning of Glee was how it allowed him to gradually reveal a softer, kinder side to his personality, underneath his bad ass image. However, as the seasons went by, Puck began to lose some of that edge by singing songs that were too cheesy for him. The version of Heartless that Kris Allen made infamous on American Idol would be a great song to show both the softer and tougher sides of Puck's character and he would just kill it with an acoustic guitar.

Should never have sung; The Rain In Spain by My Fair Lady
In an attempt to help Puck memorise facts for an important geography test, some of the gang got together to help him by singing a song from the musical My Fair Lady. Yes, it really was absurd. And no, it really didn't work. This song had pretty much no redeeming features.   

Mike Chang:
Should sing; Nothing.
Ok, this may seem like a cop out as I said the same thing for Sue Sylvester but let's face it; Mike hasn't got the best voice either. I'm not saying its terrible though - when given a song in his range, Mike can pull it off - but he was hired for his acting and his dancing and that is where Mike's role should stay, aside perhaps from the occassional solo lines or duet within a group number. 

Should never have sung; Scream by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
While Mike's Janet Jackson impersonation on this song was not the most embarassing thing I have ever seen on Glee, the duet with Artie as a whole was just terrible. I don't think it necessarily works when Glee cuts away from reality to mimic classic music videos and the eyeliner doesn't help either. Great dancing though.
Keep coming back for daily updates in the countdown to Glee season 4 to see if you agree with the choices I make. 9 days to go!

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