Friday, 7 September 2012

MTV VMA 2012. The Winners! and Review.

Last Night the VMAs was not the best it has been in recent years,  Kevin hHrt did a good job as host, setting the tone early with a call out to Chris Brown and Drake, urging them to get over it. We saw some great performances from the likes of Pink, Frank Ocean and Rihanna but all anyone really cares about is who won what so lets take a look shall we and see how right or wrong I've been over the last week.
MTV VMAs 2012, here are the winners:

Video of The Year: Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris - 'We found love'

Well I thought Rihanna was going to win and she did, but not with the video I said. So I'm kind of half right on this one, my bad. A very deserving winner; well done the general public for making a good choice.

Best Female Video: Nicki Minaj - 'Starships'

I was right about  this one, yay! As you know (If you read my predictions) I don't think this one should have won but good for you Nicki, good for you.

Best Male Video: Chris Brown - 'Turn up the music'
Apparently everyone loves Chris Brown now, I don't get it. A rubbish video that should not even have been nominated let alone won, boo!

Best New Artist: One Direction - 'What makes you beautiful'

Of course One Direction were going to win this. There was never any doubt in my mind for any of the other nominees, I mean I wouldn't even have turned up.

Best Pop: One Direction - 'What makes you beautiful'

Well this one surprised me a little bit, no love for the Bieber this year? I wounder if all his fans have been converted to the Directioners. I hope so.

Best Rock: Coldplay - 'Paradise'

Once again no surprises here, Coldplay win with, Ok I'll say it, one of their best music videos, but I'm still yet to be won over by them.

Best Hip-Hop: Drake ft. Lil Wayne - 'HYFR'

I was completely wrong here, I am not very good at this game, but a worthy winner if not the for thre right one of his videos I'm glad that Drake won something.
Most Share-worthy Video: One Direction - 'What makes you beautiful'

What? No Sweet Brown? Come on people!  Ain't nobody got time for that. I'm just happy it wasn't Bieber but I would have like to have seen Carly Rae Jepson walk away with this one. Oh well, until next year!

What do you think? Was it a good show?  Did the right people win? Let me know.Plus, share, follow and comment and be sure to come back.


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