Friday 5 April 2013

Beyonce's New Pepsi Commercial 'Mirrors' Is Here...But How Does It Compare To Other Classic Pepsi Ads?

It's been a while since we've heard from Mrs Carter but she's back with a brand new Pepsi Commercial and it's pretty amazing! Beyonce has never looked better as she dances in front of a set of mirrors, revisiting some of her most iconic looks from promos including 'Bootylicious', 'Crazy In Love' and 'Single Ladies'. I love how the ad pays homage to Beyonce's career up to this point yet still looks forward with a brand new Timbaland produced song called 'Grown Woman' included as a teaser. The song sounds great, taking Beyonce's music into a new direction and it's a perfect preview for the singers upcoming album. See what you think below.

Personally, I can't get enough of the advert or the song but it's easy to forget that this isn't the first commercial Bey has shot for Pepsi. Check out one she made all the way back in 2003, featuring her debut solo smash 'Crazy In Love'. It could possibly be the cheesiest thing you've ever seen.

Now if you thought that was horrendous, what about this commercial which features Beyonce 'acting' alongside Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham? Everyone looks fantastic but the fight scenes haven't convinced me to pop down to Asda's and grab a six pack of Pepsi just yet.

One of my favourite Pepsi commercials of all time has to be 'We Will Rock You', which brought together Beyonce, Pink and Britney all in one video. I was obsessed with this back in the day as I loved all three popstars beyond reasoning and it was great to see and hear them together for the first time. The Roman backdrop is also epic, although I'm not sure if Enrique Iglesias's role as Emperor was necessary. 

Beyonce has had some brilliant Pepsi commercials in her time but for me, this ad starring Britney Spears has to be the best one of all. The concept is pretty simple, with Britney singing and dancing across different eras, right up to the present day and it's a great reminder of why Britney was the biggest star on the planet at the time. 

Here's another Britney Pepsi commercial which is all modern day but is again a fantastic showcase for Britney's dancing and... godammit she just looks amazing! I also love the song which was actually called 'The Joy of Pepsi'. Cringe I know.

Britney and Beyonce aren't the only megastars who have represented the soft drink brand. Mariah Carey did a brilliant job with this ad back in the early 2000s and I do like the song she sings, which I think is called 'The Time Of Our Lives', but have you ever seen such a camp commercial? Ha!

Remember when latin music exploded worldwide? Shakira became a huge international star with her 'Laundry Service' album and hit single 'Objection' became the focus for her awesome Pepsi commercial. 

Not all of the Pepsi commercials have been as great as Beyonce's latest however. One Direction took the world by storm last year but you know you've really made it big when you've done a Pepsi commercial. It's just a shame that theirs was so crap then. To be fair to the boys though, co-star and American Superbowl champion Drew Brees is the one who makes me cringe the most. Give One Direction another chance Pepsi! They're young, they can do better!

Let's not be too harsh to One Direction, as the last Pepsi commercial I wanted to share today is a thousand times more embarrassing than their travesty. It almost pains me to show it to you as I love Janet Jackson but seriously, what the hell were she and Ricky Martin thinking while they shot this commercial? Words cannot convey how poor this is. Just watch and judge for yourself.

So what do you think of Beyonce's new Pepsi commercial? Is it her best and how does it stack up against ads by other singers in this post? Let me know what you think by commenting, liking and sharing below.

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