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General Zod Was Great But Which Villain Should Superman Face In Man Of Steel 2?

In the world of comics, there's a popular notion that Superman's rogues gallery is pretty lame and when you compare his villains to the likes of the Joker or Magneto, it can be hard to disagree. However, when you delve further into the comics, you might realise that there's more classic Superman adversaries out there than you would think. Michael Shannon did a stellar job of portraying General Zod in the new 'Man Of Steel' movie so it got me thinking; who will Big Blue face in the inevitable sequel? Here are my five picks; See if you agree...

5. Parasite

First up is the Parasite, a villain who has plagued Superman in various incarnations since the 1960s. Parasite's ability to absorb a persons life force and abilities makes him a formidable foe and his creepy appearance would certainly look striking cinematically. 

I would love to see Parasite on the big screen but I don't think it will happen anytime soon, as the fight scenes would look very similar to those we've already seen between Superman and General Zod.

4. Doomsday

Now this is a battle I'd like to see in the cinema! Doomsday of course, is the one who killed Superman back in the now infamous 'Death of Superman' storyline from the early 90s. Hell, it even made the news! 

What's great about Doomsday as an adversary is just how scarily unstoppable he is. It would be refreshing to see Superman finally meet his match on the big screen, as it's always difficult to find someone who can really give the Man of Steel a run for his money. Saying that though, the Doomsday we currently know and love is pretty faceless as a character, except for the angry grunting of course, so screenwriter David Goyer would have to go the extra mile to make us care about this villain. 

3. Metallo

A cyborg with a heart of Kryptonite. Metallo is definitely one of the more unusual villains from Superman's back catalogue but he's up there with the best. I love the idea of Superman fighting someone whose very body is poison to him; The symbolism speaks for itself

Kryptonite didn't feature in 'Man Of Steel' so the use of this as a weapon could be an interesting idea that bears exploring further in the next movie. As long as the film makers can get past any potential Terminator comparisons, Metallo could be a serious contender for the 'Man Of Steel' sequel.

2. Brainiac

Before General Zod was confirmed to be the key antagonist in 'Man Of Steel', the internet was rife with speculation regarding Brainiac's possible involvement. As one of Supermans' most iconic villains, Brainiac would have been the perfect adversary for our hero, matching him in both strength and intellect. 

Brainiac is an extraterrestrial android whose various abilities include telepathy, telekinesis and possession. However, Brainiac's probably most famous for his advanced weaponry, which he uses to shrink alien cities that he then preserves in his collection. If Brainiac appears in 'Man Of Steel 2', the writers may need to consider a more realistic approach to fit with the tone set by the first film, but there is something fascinating in the idea of Superman facing this genocidal monster on the big screen.   

1. Lex Luthor

I commend the makers of 'Man Of Steel' for not going down the obvious route but let's face it; Superman just isn't the same without Luthor around. Lex is the antithesis of everything Superman stands for, but what makes him so fascinating is the raw hatred that drives him. People should be wondering how on earth a mortal man with no special abilities of his own can face up to the likes of Superman but this is never the case as time and time again, Luthor proves himself by outsmarting his foe with just brains alone. 

I'm sure the eagle-eyed fan boys amongst you spotted the Lexcorp symbol printed on the side of a truck towards the end of 'Man of Steel'. Superman may have passed his rites of passage by defeating Zod and donning the cape but make no mistake; Luthor is coming and it will be Supermans' toughest challenge yet.     

Of course there were other villains who could have made this list but two of my personal favourites, Bizarro and Mr Mxyzptlk, are just too off the wall to fit in with the darker mythology created by Snyder and Goyer. What do you think of my choices for the sequel? Who would you like Superman to face in the next film? And what did you think of General Zod in 'Man Of Steel'? Let me know what you think by commenting, liking and sharing below. Thanks!

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