Saturday 15 June 2013

Was After School's New Video for First Love Worth The Wait?

Forget the Sugababes. K-pop girl group After School change their line up more times than Psy rides his imaginary horse. New release 'First Love' marks the first time that the band haven't changed their line up since they started back in 2009. Personally, I find it hard to imagine how a group could build up a fan base if their members are constantly changing but After School are big news on the k-pop scene. After releasing a number of teasers, the highly anticipated promo for 'First Love' has finally been released and its racked up over 500, 000 views after just only a few days on Youtube. But why's it so popular I hear you ask?

'First Love' is a sweet mid-tempo track that sticks in your head after a few listens but I think the main appeal of the song has more to do with the pole dancing in the video. The girls apparently practiced for months to perfect their moves and while the video may sound like it's pretty crass, the dancing is actually quite impressive. I know, I know, the whole thing sounds sleazy but I'd say After School somehow manage to keep it tasteful. Don't believe me? Check out the official promo below.

So what do you think of After School's new song? Was the video worth the wait or is it just a cheap tasteless cash in? Let me know your thoughts by commenting, liking and sharing below. 

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