Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bland Singer Lauren Pritchard Becomes Edgy Indie Artist Lolo

A few years back, I noticed a US pop singer called Lauren Pritchard doing the rounds. Her songs were nice enough and it was clear that Pritchard had a great voice, but it was all a bit too sappy for my taste. Check out her single 'Stuck' to see what I mean.

'Cause if I'm stuck, then at least I'm stuck with you'.


Despite positive reviews and production from the hugely successful Eg White, Pritchards' debut album 'Wasted In Jackson' sold poorly and that was seemingly the end of this promising singer/songwriters career. 

Jump forward three years and Panic At The Disco! are set to release their fourth album 'Too Weird To Love, Too Rare To Die'. I always find the group a bit hit and miss with their single choices but lead track 'Miss Jackson' is the best song Panic At The Disco! have recorded in a long time. The production is typically anthemic but the vocals contain a weird, nervous energy that sets this song apart from the bands other releases. 

What really makes 'Miss Jackson' great though is the guest vocals from an artist called Lolo, whose appearance adds another dimension to the track. Even if you're not a fan of Panic At The Disco!, you have to check this song out.

"Miss Jackson are you nasty?"

Weird video right? Bit try hard...

Now compare Lolos' vocals from 'Miss Jackson' to the Lauren Pritchard ballad above. It's hard to believe but yes, that is the same person singing both songs. After becoming intrigued by her voice, I did a bit of research and found a couple of new tracks from Lolo which are already generating buzz on the alternative scene. 

'Weapon For Saturday' is the first official single Pritchard is releasing under the Lolo pseudonym and I'm already obsessed with it after just a couple of listens. The vocals are reminiscent of an edgier Adele and the production has a slight Lana Del Rey feel to it but Pritchard has transformed her sound into something uniquely her own. I love the arrogant lyrics and Lolos' self assured delivery sounds incredible over the indie dance production.

"I'm only the face of every woman."

I seriously can't wait for an official video to be released.

If you liked 'Weapon For Saturday' then I'm sure you'll love 'Heard It From A Friend', which contains a bitterly memorable chorus and candid lyrics. This song doesn't have an official promo either and as far as I know, it's not even available to download commercially yet but I love it just as much as 'Weapon For Saturday'.

"Yeah I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend
 so when you gonna tell me you f**ked me over?"

'Heard It From A Friend' could be a huge indie smash if promoted properly and the song confirms that Lolo is far from a one hit wonder. Yes, I know she hasn't really had any hits yet to speak of but the buzz surrounding the upcoming star is growing and I'm sure she's destined for big things in the next year. I for one will certainly be pre-ordering the album when a release date is announced.

So what do you think of Lolo as an artist so far? Does she have what it takes to stand out in today's crowded scene? And which song of hers is your favourite? Let me know what you think by commenting, liking and sharing below. Also, if you like Lolo then you might also enjoy Lorde, a quirky singer/songwriter from New Zealand. 


  1. Does she have an official website? I would love to know when and where she is playing, I would love to see her! I love her voice!

    1. Lolo doesn't have an official website at the moment but you can follow her on twitter - @lolomusic. I think she'd be really interesting to see live. Can't wait for an album of her stuff! Thanks for commenting.