Wednesday 2 July 2014

Is Tom Hardy Stretching Himself Too Thin By Filming The Revenant?

Tom Hardy is one seriously busy guy.Upcoming projects already include the Kray Twins movie Legend, BBC drama Peaky Blinders, a Mad Max reboot AND an Elton John biopic, but now he's added yet another film to his list, signing on to appear alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the western thriller The Revenant.

The film is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and reunites Hardy and DiCaprio for the first time since the release of Inception in 2010. Iñárritu's last movie Biutiful was extremely well received by critics, so there is a good chance that The Revenant will continue this success at the award ceremonies when the film is released in 2015. 
Based on the novel by Michael PunkeThe Revenant follows a 19th century fur trapper (DiCaprio) who is attacked by a bear and left for dead by his friends. DiCaprio's character then seeks revenge on his companions, one of whom is likely to be the role Tom Hardy has signed up for. It's like The Grizzly Man meets Unforgiven... said no one actually involved in the project.
So what do you think loyal readers? Is Tom Hardy stretching himself too thin with all these movies? Which upcoming projects of his are you most excited by? And how the hell does Hardy actually manage to keep on top of all these films? He must have the strength of Bane to keep going like this... and that's how you casually slip a scene from The Dark Knight Rises into a news post that has very little to do with the actual topic of the article. Enjoy.
Filming for The Revenant starts September 22 this year with a release date set for Autumn 2015.

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