Friday 8 February 2013

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love ft Mary Lambert

Most of you probably know white rapper Macklemore and his producer Ryan Leslie from their worldwide smash 'Thrift Shop', which has become a huge hit from their album 'The Heist', despite being released independently. I never really got the songs novelty appeal though and figured the Seattle based rapper would just be a one hit wonder so I was surprised to hear another song of his that really affected me on an emotional level. 

'Same Sex' is from the same album as 'Thrift Shop' but takes a look at far more serious and relevant issues. The song was inspired by the current political debate regarding same-sex marriage but also explores the often bigoted stance that hip-hop takes on homosexuality. Macklemore is heterosexual yet the forward thinking rapper was inspired to air his views through this track, despite potentially alienating some of his fan base. Here is Macklemore talking on Fox News in 2012 about the issues that 'Same Love' explores.

Macklemore's views have resulted in this groundbreaking yet beautiful song, which deserves to be a far bigger hit than the track that has actually made him famous worldwide. Check it out here.

"And I can't change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to."

But not all the credit should go to Macklemore. Of course the lyrics are fantastic and bravely honesty but producer Ryan Lewis has also done a great job of stripping the piano based production down to focus on the message of the words being spoken. I'm also in love with Mary Lambert, the singer/songwriter who delivers the heartbreakingly sweet chorus that helps make 'Same Sex' so memorable. Watch the trio perform the song on Ellen to see how amazing she is live.

Lambert has only released an EP so far, titled 'Letters Don't Talk', but I predict big things from this incredible singer, who also performs as a spoken word artist. Check out her performance of 'Body Love', which is a perfect showcase for her talent.

"You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4."

So what do you think? Is 'Same Love' an anthem for a new generation or is it over the top and too sentimental? I personally love it, if you couldn't tell already, but are you a fan? And what about Mary Lambert? Will we hear big things from her or will she forever remain an independent small-time artist? Let me know by commenting, liking and sharing below. Thanks!

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