Friday, 10 May 2013

Whatever Happened To RnB? - Mariah Carey's #Beautiful ft Miguel - Official Video

Remember when Lauryn Hill was a promising new talent and New Jack Swing was all the rage in RnB? In this weekly feature, I take a look back at some of the best RnB artists of yesteryear, sharing their signature videos and underrated hits, as well as looking at what's happening in RnB today. Previous posts have focussed on latino singer Lumidee, new videos from Frank Ocean and Ciara, as well as Mariah Carey's comeback hit '#Beautiful'.

Good news Mariah fans. After only a few days of airplay, Mariah has released the official promo for '#Beautiful' and I can tell you now that it's pretty awesome. 

The video features Mariah and Miguel riding together on a motorbike in the sunshine, driving to a remote location. Not much happens in the promo but the simplicity of the visuals perfectly compliments the song and everything just looks so...beautiful. Urgh, I know! Mariah also looks incredible and it's nice to see her dance for once, even if it's just in a sweet, flirty way. Watching the video for '#Beautiful' instantly made me feel like summer was here and the two genuinely look like a young couple in love. Director Joseph Kahn did a great job as always and it's great to see Mariah back in a video looking so great. 

I can guarantee that '#Beautiful' will be a huge hit for Mariah this summer and hopefully, it will also kickstart Miguel's career for mainstream audiences who may not yet know his work. Check out the sun drenched promo below.

So what do you think? Is the video what you imagined it would be? Doesn't Mariah look stunning riding the motorbike? And how come there are so many chandeliers in a random barn??? Let me know your thoughts by commenting, liking and sharing below. And remember to come back soon for another edition of Whatever Happened To RnB?


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