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The Drama Lama's Alphabet Movie Meme

It's two days before Christmas. There's presents to be wrapped, food to be prepared, friends to catch up with... so now's the perfect time to dive into another film blogathon! The Drama Lama has an awesome Alphabet Movie Meme going on right now where each blogger has to answer 26 film related questions which start with every letter in the alphabet. To read more entries, click here, but make sure you stick around to read my answers first. You're formally obliged now.

Anticipating (Anticipated?) Movie of 2014

Interstellar, Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy... 2014 looks like it will be the year to beat blockbuster wise, especially after the disappointment of 2013, but if I had to pick one upcoming release to watch, it would have to be X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Sure the cast is ridiculously huge and it could all go horribly wrong but if they somehow manage to translate this legendary story arc properly, we could be looking at the best comic book movie of all time.

Book Adaptation I'd Love To See

Urgh! When done right, book adaptations bring your favorite novels to life in a way you could never imagine but unfortunately, the majority are poorly done and never match your ridiculously high expectations. Saying that though, if I could choose one book to be adapted PROPERLY, it would have to be the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. This sprawling fantasy epic has been working round the rumor mill for years now and I can't imagine it ever being adapted well but in a perfect world, this is the one I'd love to see.

Celebrity I'd Most Like To Meet

Part of me would want to meet someone legendary like Ian McKellen or Patrick Stewart and another part of me would want to meet a huge star like Nicole Kidman or Brad Pitt, but the celebrity I'd most like to meet is Xavier Dolan. Who, you ask? Dolan is a French Canadian director who's already made four incredible films and starred in plenty more, all by the age of TWENTY-FOUR! I'd love to talk to him about his work and find out how the hell he managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time. Here's the trailer to my favorite film of his so far, Heartbeats.

Dream Director/Actor Pairing

Alfred Hitchcock loved his icy blondes. Nicole Kidman is the ultimate icy blond. Can you possibly imagine a better pairing? Unfortunately, this of course will never come to pass but perhaps Kidman's portrayal of Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco may provide us with some small idea of how great this could have been.

Essential Classic Film

When Kubrick got it right, he was the official god of film making. No question about it. A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Many critics were shocked and horrified when Kurbick first announced he would 'lower' himself with a stab at horror but for me, The Shining is the pinnacle of his career. Every scene is dripping with atmosphere and each shot was meticulously planned out to the smallest detail, creating one of the most terrifying cinematic experiences ever made. And how many directors can say they have an entire documentary devoted to exploring the numerous theories people hold about your film? Room 237 is also awesome by the way, check it out.

Favorite Film Franchise

While it may not be a franchise in the traditional sense, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the one to beat for me. The way the studio has planned out each phase and made every film interlink is just genius in both creative and financial terms. Sure not every film hits the highs of Avengers Assemble (God I hated Iron Man 2), but there's a reason DC are trying to imitate the House of Marvel now with their upcoming releases. 

Genre I Watch The Most

When you're tired after a long day at work, what's more relaxing to watch than some tense, nerve-jangling horror? Even bad horror can still be entertaining and you can't say that about every genre.

Hidden Gem

Why haven't more people watched Tarnation? Jonathan Caouette's autobiographical documentary is both fascinating and heartbreaking in equal measure. What makes it even more impressive is that the whole film was made for just $218.32, showcasing the almost limitless potential of digital film making back when it first became prominent in the early 2000's. 

Important Moment In My Film Life

At college, I originally chose History as one of my A Levels but got bored quickly and changed it to Film Studies a few weeks in. Thank god I did. Before that course, I enjoyed movies as much as the next person but after being introduced to films like The Bicycle Thieves and Citizen Kane, my appreciation grew to a whole new level.

Just Right Movie For A Rainy Day

Anything from Pixar. Anything...except for Cars of course. My god that was poor. My favorites are The Incredibles and Toy Story. Just saying.

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy

Despite choosing Pixar for my rainy days, nothing beats Disney at it's best and that of course is The Lion King. I shamelessly plug this film every chance I get because no other movie makes me feel the way this one does and that hasn't changed since I first watched it in the cinema for my eighth birthday.

Location I'd Most Like To See

As a huge Joss Whedon fan, I fell in love with the Firefly TV show back in the day and shed my fair share of tears when it was prematurely cancelled. Thank god for the obsessive Whedon fan boys then because the subsequent film adaptation Serenity was the perfect send off for one of the most underrated programmes of all time. This is all just a long way of saying I'd love to hang out with the Serenity crew. Sure you'd be in constant danger but seriously, how much fun would you have? 

Marathon I First Attended

At university, we studied anime for a week and to celebrate the impact of Studio Ghibli, the course leaders decided to show My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies in a double bill, replicating the experience Japanese cinema-goers had back in 1988. While each film is stunning on its own, the two together create a completely unique experience that must be watched by anyone who holds even a passing interest in animation. Just incredible.

Netflix Movie I Actually Watched

Social media is destroying movie viewing at home. Fact. As soon as I pick something to watch on Netflix, I can't help but start looking it up on IMDB but the other day, I forced myself to put the tablet away to watch Noah Baumbach's latest film, Frances-Ha. While it did have a pretentious New York hipster vibe, Frances-Ha was actually pretty good all in all, although if you haven't seen it yet, prepare yourself for one of the most irritating protagonists you will ever meet in a film. Well done Greta Garwig. You annoyed me but you also kept me watching and that must be a difficult feat indeed.

One Movie I Saw In Theaters More Than 5x

Because of the sheer volume of movies released every week, I've never watched a film in the cinema more than twice, no matter how much I may love it but if I could have afforded it, I would have seen Avengers Assemble at LEAST five times! While it may have some flaws, it's the best comic book movie ever made in terms of sheer geek out enjoyment.    

Preferred Place to Watch A New Movie (Cinema or at home)

It's fun to chill out under the duvet and watch a favorite film but when it comes to new releases, there's nothing better than watching films in the cinema. I don't know what it is; the big screen, the shared experience, but even terrible movies are better at the cinema. I refuse to go on opening nights though, as I hate it when it's too busy. Talk, munch, talk, munch. 

Quote That Inspires Me

Years ago, I watched a little known French Canadian film called C.R.A.Z.Y. which follows a boy called Zac as he grows up in 1960s Quebec. I really identified with the struggles Zac faced and so I found this quote from him and Madame Chose particularly inspirational. Cheesy as hell but I love it.

Zac - "I want to be like everybody else."

Madame Chose - "Thank god, you never will."

Remakes (Friend or foe?)

Remakes can be good if they're done right but there are just so many needless ones out there (hello Psycho). This is especially true of horror. It's strange though, because I think some classic films are just begging to be remade, like Suspiria for example, and others should always remain untouchable. 

Snack I Enjoy Most

Chocolate honeycomb bites are the bees knees...but what about eating a whole tub of ice cream at once? One time, I bought some cookie dough Haagen Daaz and a 20p spoon from the supermarket next door. Wear a big coat. Sneak it into the cinema. Job done.  

Twist That Boggled My Mind

Stephen King adaptations normally veer wildly between cinematic gold and cinematic crap but The Mist was more divisive than most. For me however, it's easily one of the best of King's horrors that's ever been committed to film and this is mostly due to that ending. I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched The Mist, but it's ending is one of the most depressingly harrowing things I've ever seen... and I watched Glee long after everyone else gave up on it.

Unapologetic Fanperson For:

Zac Efron. What else can I say?

Very Excited For Award Show Season?

Yes and no. The nominations are always exciting and I love the whole build up but I'm inevitably frustrated every year by people or films who win my own opinion of course. Award season certainly does help perk things up though post-Christmas.

Wish I Never Watched...

...Birth Of A Nation, Battleship Potemkin, Rome Open City and the countless other snooze fests which are compulsory viewing on any film course. I'm all for trying new things and anyone who has a passion for cinema should see all the classics but in terms of actual entertainment, these movies did nothing for me. I apologize now for those who hold these 'classics' in high esteem but my god they're dull.

XXX Movie I Watched At A Really Young Age

As a child, I wasn't allowed to watch any films rated too mature for me but I remember one movie that freaked me out more than any other, Ernest Scared Stupid... and it was a PG! Embarrassing, I know, but dolls freak me out and I had nightmares for weeks afterwards. Damn you Ernest!

Your Latest Movie-Related Obsession

Frozen is awesome. The song Let It Go is also awesome. Obsessed.

ZZZ-Catchers (Name A Movie That Puts You To Sleep)

When Gus Van Sant is good, he's incredible. Elephant, Last Days, Milk... but when he makes a boring film, you can feel your soul being slowly drained of its life essence. If the idea of that happening scares you, don't ever watch Gerry. Yes it's got Matt Damon and Casey Affleck in it but nothing happens. Genuinely. Just nothing. It's the definition of pretentious boring art-house fare so don't watch it... ever.

Man that took a long time to write! Please validate the time I spent ignoring family and friends by liking and commenting below. I want to hear what you think and whether you agree or disagree. Oh and Merry Christmas y'all!

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