Monday 13 January 2014

Eyes Wide Open (2009): Mini Movie Review

A lot of things can get in the way of finding time to review films, including work, family and even sunshine, but some movies still deserve a mention, so that’s where my Mini Movie Reviews come in. Each is less than 100 words long or your money back. That’s a promise people! Today it’s Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open (EYO) is the story of two male Orthodox Jews who try to keep their love affair secret from the prying eyes of the religious community. Shot lovingly by first time director Haim Tabakman, EYO is a daring film that avoids caricature in its sensitive portrayal of the intense clandestine passion these two men share. The film drags in places due to its slow pace but the two leads, Ran Danker and Zohar Strauss, are captivating throughout and although one is married with children, you can’t help but sympathise with their predicament. Worth a watch.  

3 out of 5

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