Monday 13 January 2014

John Dies At The End (2012): Mini Movie Review

A lot of things can get in the way of finding time to review films, including work, family and even genetic laziness, but some movies still deserve a mention, so that’s where my Mini Movie Reviews come in. Each is less than 100 words long or your money back. That’s a promise people! Today it’s John Dies At The End.

As an obsessive fan of the book, I was surprised at how good Don Coscarelli’s adaptation of John Dies At The End (JDATE) actually is. Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes are both endearing and suitably slackerish as the two best friends who do a half-assed job investigating paranormal occurrences and Paul Giamatti excels as always. Large chunks of the text have been edited down/removed/chopped up, but Coscarelli retains the crude, hilarious insanity of the book. If you’re looking for scares, look elsewhere, but if you’re up for a slightly uneven yet completely off the wall movie, I’d definitely recommend JDATE

4 out of 5

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